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Turf Grass Seed

When it comes to turf seed, you have many choices, but discerning homeowners and astute professionals alike agree that your choice of grass seed can make all the difference in the quality of your lawn or turf. Mixes will perform best, as they are specifically designed for performance over the entire growing season and are also targeted toward specific conditions, such as for sun or shade, or even for areas that receive high foot traffic.
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Execu-Turf Turf® Grass Seed, Showplace Mix is a blend of grasses designed to showplace your home with its amazing color and luxuriant appearance. It contains 20% each of Mongoose, Front Page, Sudden Impact and Beyond Kentucky Bluegrass and 20% Revenge GLX Perennial Ryegrass seeds. This 5-lb bag of Execu-Turf Showplace Mix Grass Seed will plant approximately 500 sq. feet at the recommended seeding rate.
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Sheep Fescue grass has been adapted for use as lawn turf, especially on hills and in rocky soil. This 5-lb bag will plant approximately .1 to.16 acre when planted alone or approximately 1/2 to 1/3 acre when planted as a mix.
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