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Tomato Plants

Not only do we offer a fantastic selection of tomato plants for sale, we’re also here to answer any growing questions you may have! Our tomatoes are grown in 3-inch pots and shipped with well-established root systems. We guarantee them to arrive in great condition.

Tomatoes can be grown in containers, raised beds or garden plots. Planting your tomato seedlings is easy. We recommend adding around 3 tablespoons of fertilizer to each square foot around where the tomato plant will be growing. Plant it deep enough so the root-ball is around 2 inches below the top of the soil. Water it well. Fertilizer should be applied every 2-3 weeks throughout the growing season. Soil should not be allowed to dry out. For more growing tips, read our blog: Growing the Best Tomatoes. Plants are shipped according to our Spring Shipping Schedule

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