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Tomato Cages

Most tomatoes, regardless of their growth habits, require support of some kind. Tomato vines are leafy and delicate while the fruit they produce is heavy, sometimes topping 2-lbs. each. Without proper support your tomatoes will end up on the ground.

Support is to tomatoes as water is to your garden. Traditional tomato cages are hard to store, ending up bent, unattractive and with loose welds, having to be replaced often. We have done our research and found some of the most user-friendly tomato support systems on the market. Foldable, stackable, easily storable, attractive and effective at providing exceptional support to your tomatoes and other climbing veggies, these are not your grandma’s tomato cages…they are much better!

Price $36.19
Everyone has their preferences when it comes to tomato cages; this Heavy Duty Folding Tomato Cage is the answer to many gardeners’ prayers. Foldable, they are easier to store than the traditional tomato cages. Heavy duty, they support even the most vigorous vines with the largest tomatoes. Stackable, they can be stacked on top of each other in order to accommodate your “monster” tomato plants. The corners are twisted, not welded, for additional strength. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Price $32.35
The Ultomato™ Tomato Cage is made of indestructible vinyl, with fully adjustable support brackets. It is designed to support the stalk more completely than traditional tomato cages while allowing you to move the horizontal support “bars” where needed most in order to support the heaviest, tomato-laden branches. Will last season after season.
Price $7.19
GroPole is an innovative, eco-friendly solution to wooden or steel plant stakes and can even replace tomato cages. GroPole grows with your garden plants, from 24” to 60”. Manufactured of UV protected plastic with recycled content, they will last for years and are easy to store from season to season. The green color blends in perfectly with your garden, not detracting from the view as you proudly look upon your handiwork. GroPole’s design makes harvesting easy. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Price $8.00
List Price: $9.63
You Save: $1.63 (17%)
The Gardeneer Red Tomato Tray™ has proven time and again to be the perfect aid to growing larger, higher yielding tomato plants. This simple little red tomato watering tray provides support for your new plants, is easily slid around the base of the plant without causing undue stress, retains moisture, minimizes root-choking weeds and allows for application of fertilizer right to the roots, where the plant needs it most. Also great for peppers! Tomato tray measures 12-inches square with a 1.5-inch deep tray and 2-inch long spikes.
Price $12.76
Every tomato grower’s dream has come true with the Better Reds Greenhouse. A red translucent, heavy-duty plastic sleeve is designed to fit perfectly over the top of your tomato cages, effectively making a mini-greenhouse for each of your tomato plants. You simply slip the sleeve over the top of any tomato cage up to 17-inches in diameter. Use the included cutter to trim it to fit, leaving enough extra at the top to twist and tie with the included twist-ties. With the Better Reds Greenhouse, you can warm the soil inside your tomato cages, plant your tomato plants as soon as the soil is workable and adjust the ventilation as the temperatures warm, removing the sleeve completely as blossoms form to allow the bees to pollinate. Then you simply fold it up and use it again in the fall, or next season. Will cover 5 to 7 cages.
Price $24.00
The Veggie Cage tomato support is not just a tomato cage. Use this versatile, expandable, weather-proof coil to support any time of climbing, vining fruit, vegetable or flower. Designed to be used with your choice of stake, the Veggie Cage will expand as tall as 7-feet, yet will fold completely flat for storage. No need to use ties or bindings, the unique coil system supports every branch. 3-pack. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Temporarily Sold Out