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Supertunia Petunia

Supertunia® Petunias were bred to be the "super petunia", being tolerant to heat, easy to care for, requiring little supplemental watering and no deadheading in order to remain gorgeous. They are well-branched and bloom prolifically from spring through the first frost.

Supertunias are also very versatile. In beds, one single plant can grow to amazing proportions, being over 2-feet tall, 3-feet wide and 5-feet long. Just provide a bit of TLC. In containers, they can be planted alone or mixed. Their trailing habit may have them overflowing the bounds of the container; simply cut them back. Even if you cut all the blossoms off, they will be in full bloom again in just days and will look fuller than ever!

Any petunia, even the Supertunia, is a heavy feeder. In containers we recommend feeding with a water soluble fertilizer every day that you water. In beds, they are remarkably drought tolerant, but if you’re experiencing a really dry season, using a soaker hose when necessary will put the water right where it’s needed, conserving that valuable resource. Petunias in beds should be fed once a week or so. We highly recommend Jungle Flora; one quart makes 25 gallons of liquid gold that will have your neighbors asking, "How do you keep your petunias so beautiful?"

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