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Squngee Deluxe Bungee Squirrel Feeder

Squngee Deluxe Bungee Squirrel Feeder
Squngee Deluxe Bungee Squirrel Feeder
The Squngee™ Deluxe bungee cord squirrel feeder brings more fun than should be allowed. After 100’s of jumps, you will still be laughing! It attaches to a pole, branch or anything else that is overhead. You simply attach two ears of corn, hang it high enough so the squirrels have to jump to reach the food, step back and get ready to be entertained. When the squirrels grab the corn their weight bounces them up and down and spins the cord around. The Squngee has an attached bell which will ring when a squirrel is playing so you will never miss nature's greatest acrobats as they bungee jump for corn! Watch the video below.
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Squngee Deluxe Bungee Squirrel Feeder

The top portion of the Squngee Deluxe is constructed of a spring wrapped in fabric to protect squirrels from injury. A strong metal wire with two eye bolts for mounting corn hangs from the springs.

The Squngee is America’s #1 selling squirrel feeder. It has a lifetime guarantee.

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