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Squirrel Feeders

Our selection of squirrel feeders offers a size and type for every environment—and they’re sure to attract plenty of hungry guests. They’re easy to refill and maintain. And, watching wildlife is certainly more gratifying than watching reality TV.

Price $1.95
The chain feeder is a simple and easy way to feed the squirrels. The Chain Feeder easy very easy to use. Simply take an Ear Corn and twist onto the attached screw, then hang over a limb or on a hook. The chain is 18" long and includes a hook for hanging. This squirrel feeder measures 1/2" x 3" x 6".
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Price $12.88
The Squngee™ Deluxe bungee cord squirrel feeder brings more fun than should be allowed. After 100’s of jumps, you will still be laughing! It attaches to a pole, branch or anything else that is overhead. You simply attach two ears of corn, hang it high enough so the squirrels have to jump to reach the food, step back and get ready to be entertained. When the squirrels grab the corn their weight bounces them up and down and spins the cord around. The Squngee has an attached bell which will ring when a squirrel is playing so you will never miss nature's greatest acrobats as they bungee jump for corn! Watch the video below.
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Price $8.95
Put a Squirrel Spinner™ in your backyard and watch the fun begin. As the squirrel attempts to conquer the ear corn, their weight causes the Spinner to rotate, swing, and spin. More fun than should be allowed! The 17-inch long Squirrel Spinner is made in the U.S.A. It can be mounted on a tree, post, or fence, instructions included. This squirrel feeder measures 1" x 8" x 21".
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