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Splash Select Pink Hypoestes Seeds

Splash Select Pink Hypoestes Seeds
Splash Select Pink Hypoestes Seeds
Our ‘Splash Select Pink’ Hypoestes Seed yields richly colored green foliage liberally splashed and veined with pretty pink. A shade-loving foliage plant, the blossoms grow on racemes and are quite small; some calling them insignificant. They will, however, produce seeds which will readily self-sow in the most temperate climes. Pinching and consistent moisture is the trick to having incredibly showy polka dot plants, an exercise, that to most, is quite satisfying! Approximately 50 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
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Splash Select Pink Hypoestes Seeds Growing Information

  • Mature Height: 6-12 inches
  • Mature Spread: 9-12 inches
  • Exposure: Full Shade - Partial Sun
  • Bloom Time: Mid-Summer
  • Soil Moisture: Consistently Moist, Well Drained
  • Soil Type: Widely Adaptable
  • Annual in Zones: 1-10
  • Perennial in Zones: 11
  • What is my zone?

Hypoestes seeds will germinate easily at regular room temperatures or outdoor temperatures after all danger of frost has passed. You can start them indoors in mid-spring, using our line of Jiffy® products which enable you to germinate the seeds indoors, transplanting them later without disturbing the roots. Outdoors, simply wait until all danger of frost has passed and sow in a well-prepared bed, covering the seeds lightly with a seeding mix or vermiculite. Keep the seeds consistently moist; germination can occur in as little as 2 to 3 days at 70°F! Hypoestes will self-sow readily in zone 11, so snipping the flowers there is recommended unless you don't mind the overflow to other beds or containers.                    

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