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Snail & Slug Control

If you have ever had slugs or snails in your garden, you know the destruction they can cause and the mess they can leave behind, their slimy trail and munched vegetation leaving no doubt as to what the culprit is. Most of you who have had to fight these pests have probably relied upon a snail or slug bait with Metaldehyde in it, an effective solution, but one that is not safe for the environment and which is toxic to dogs and cats, even if they just step in it and lick it from their paws.

A safer alternative is an organic alternative consisting of organic materials that will, in short order, become part of the soil of your garden or landscaping, that will not pollute the ground water and which will not harm other small animals or beneficial insects. Many organic slug and snail baits are usable right up to the day of harvest when used on fruits, berries and vegetables. Most organic slug and snail baits will be applied over large areas at a rate of approximately 1-pound per 1000 square feet, or in smaller areas using about 1-teaspoon per square yard and can be applied with a broadcast spreader or right from the package.

Switch to a safer slug and snail bait; lick the problem without the risks!

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Sluggo Snail and Slug Bait is a safer alternative to chemical means by which to control snails and slugs. Safe for the environment, as well as for your pets and your family, Sluggo is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed; therefore a safe and effective solution to the problems encountered with a snail and/or slug infestation. Usable right up to the day of harvest, you can safely use Sluggo in and around your food crops without the risks involved with using chemical-based solutions. Each 1-pound container will cover approximately 1,000 square feet.