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ScareCrow Motion-Activated Water Sprinkler

ScareCrow Motion-Activated Water Sprinkler
ScareCrow Motion-Activated Water Sprinkler
SKU: PC-CTE300000296
This motion-activated sprinkler is the humane way to deter neighborhood cats and dogs and destructive deer, raccoons, rabbits and other pests that are determined to trespass on your lawn or do damage in your garden. A spray bottle of water has long been an effective training device for household pets. The Electronic Scarecrow uses this same method, but on a grander scale, to deter unwanted animals from traipsing through or munching on your landscaping and garden. Motion-activated, the sprinkler surprises these unwelcome guests with a 3-second powerful spray or jet of water. The combination of noise and water scares critters away; the Contech ScareCrow® will spray again in 7 seconds if the animal has not vacated the premises. You will be surprised at how effective this method is and at how quickly undesirable visitors learn to avoid your yard.
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Product Details

The Electronic Scarecrow is built to last and backed up with a 2-Year Limited Warranty.

  • Metal sprinkler head mounted on a heavy-duty plastic shaft
  • Choose between spray or jet settings
  • Simply connect to a garden hose
  • Detects movement within a 1000 square foot area, day or night
  • To cover a larger area, connect more than one in a series
  • Requires 1 9-volt battery, not included
  • On/Off Switch
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