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Purple Top Turnip Grazing Seed - 5-lb Bag

Purple Top Turnip Grazing Seed - 5-lb Bag
Purple Top Turnip Grazing Seed - 5-lb Bag
Purple Turnip Grazing Seed is an all-around, weather tolerant, quick growing, emergency forage for fall and winter for goats, sheep, cattle and hogs. Growing large, purple-colored tops, sowing grazing turnips in July or August will contribute to available cold weather forage while reducing your dependence on late season supplemental grain or hay. When field tested, newly weaned steer calves filled their bellies on turnips, laid right down, and gained an average 2.3 pounds per day. Similar field tests on cows averaging 1400 pounds each, showed an average weight gain of 100 pounds in just 50 days. Our 5-lb bag will plant approximately 1 to 2.5 acres on new pasture or 1.66 to 5 acres when mixed.
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Great food source

"Great food source"

kelvin h on 3/10/2017 4:36:17 AM

Comment: I have been buying the purple top turnips for around 10 years now . They are a great food source . My parents love them as well as myself and several of my neighbors . I originally bought them for wildlife food plot but they looked so good we had to try them ourselves . Deer and turkey eat them right up . Good winter food for deer when it gets herd for them to find something to eat they will dig up the entire field . Not one turnip will not have been at least nibbled on . Thank you Garden Harves... More details