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Pumpkin Plants

Pumpkin plants produce sprawling vines that grow rounded fruits with edible flesh. Besides their ornamental uses in the fall, these vegetables are revered as the main ingredient of soups and pies. To grow the healthiest pumpkins, provide a space that receives full sun and drains well. Fertilize with nitrogen when planting, then use fish emulsion weekly. Provide at least an inch of water per week. All of our Pumpkin Plants for sale are grown organically and shipped with very well-established root systems. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

Price $5.70
The Connecticut Field Pumpkin is traditionally known as the official jack-o'-lantern pumpkin. They usually grow between 10 and 20 pounds, have a bright orange color, and the classic pumpkin shape. This variety is plain-tasting, not especially sweet, and somewhat watery for pie, but really popular for Halloween decorating. We grow our Connecticut Field Pumpkin plants organically. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Days to Harvest: 110
Each 2.5-inch pot contains 1 plant
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