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Potting Soil

PREMIER® Pro-Mix® offers mixes for your seeding, transplanting, hanging baskets, container, and organic growing needs. Each premium mix is specially formulated to meet specific planting needs. Choose the planting soil mix that will work best for whatever you are planting.

Price $11.75
PREMIER® PRO-MIX® Ultimate Organic Vegetable Mix is the ultimate peat/compost-based growing mix specially formulated for growing organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It is enhanced with MycoActive. The Ultimate Organic Mix is 100% organically formulated and is approved by OMRI. This 1 cubic foot bag is the same as 31 quarts or 28 liters.
Price $11.90
PREMIER® PRO-MIX® Ultimate Potting Mix is the ultimate peat-based growing mix specially made for plants growing in hanging baskets, large containers, and outdoor planters. Ultimate Potting Mix contains Water-Saving Crystals and a long-lasting, slow release fertilizer, making this the perfect potting soil for saving time and effort. This potting soil allows for plants to grow better in hot, sunny conditions.
Price $9.99
PREMIER® PRO-MIX® Ultimate Organic Seeding Mix is the ultimate peat-based growing mix for germinating stronger and healthier plants, in an organic way! Ultimate Organic Seeding Mix is enhanced with Mycorise®, which allows the roots to grow stronger and absorb more available nutrients from the soil.
Price $14.98
PREMIER® PRO-MIX® Ultimate Garden Mix is suitable for planting outdoor plants in the garden or flower bed. It contains a slow release fertilizer that feeds up to 9 months. It is perfect for areas with low nutrient and poor quality soils.
Price $12.10
PREMIER® BioMax® 3-in-1 Garden Mix is a ready-made blend of compost, black earth, and Canadian sphagnum peat moss that helps newly planted lawns, flowers, and/or vegetables to grow healthier. This Garden Mix encourages biological activity of soils to have a larger water-holding capacity and air porosity. 3-in-1 Garden Mix will take maintenance to a minimum.
Price $9.90
PREMIER® PRO-MIX® African Violet Mix is suitable for all plants from the Gesneraid family. Provides improved air porosity, water retention, and a well balanced pH level. Grow African Violets like a professional.
Price $7.80
PREMIER® PRO-MIX® Orchid Mix is formulated for growing orchids and other epiphytes. Provides good drainage and aeration. Grow orchids like a pro with Orchid Mix.