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Phlox Plants

Phlox plants are easy-to-grow, low-maintenance perennials that add stunning color wherever planted. They produce small, fragrant, star-shaped flowers that are simply irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds!

Phlox (pronounced Floks) plants are available in spring-blooming Creeping Phlox and summer-blooming Garden Phlox. Creeping Phlox grows low to the ground, has a spreading or ‘creeping’ habit, and is used most often for borders, along walkways or in front of gardens and for ground cover, creating a carpet of flowers. Garden Phlox, on the other hand, grows more in clumps, with a taller flower spike or ball that extends above the foliage. They both boast semi-evergreen foliage that remains until late fall. It does well in rain gardens.

All of our Phlox Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

Price $6.15
The 'Candy Stripe' Creeping Phlox Plant blooms with masses of bicolor flowers. This extremely salt tolerant plant bears petals with white edges decorated with pink center stripes and red star-shaped centers. This phlox plant has attractive semi-evergreen foliage, making it eye-catching, even when not in bloom. Each 3-inch pot contains one Candy Stripe Phlox Plant.
Price $6.15
The 'Laura' Garden Phlox Plant has some of the most deeply saturated color of any Phlox on the market. A simply gorgeous royal purple flower has white splashes around its dark eye that literally makes this variety shine like a star in the night sky. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it!. A bit more compact than most garden variety Phlox, it is sturdy enough to not require staking, even in breezy areas. The flower heads sometimes measure as much as 12 inches and it is a prolific bloomer. Each 3-inch pot contains one Laura Phlox Plant. Sold Out
Price $6.15
The 'Scarlet Flame' Creeping Phlox Plant provides vibrant scarlet-red flowers in early to mid-spring. This blanketing ground cover prefers full sun and will thrive in nearly any well-drained soil, including salty environs. Dense, semi-evergreen foliage is somewhat drought tolerant. Each 3-inch pot contains one Scarlet Flame Phlox Plant.