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Peredovik Sunflower Seed – 5-lb Bag

Peredovik Sunflower Seed – 5-lb Bag
Peredovik Sunflower Seed – 5-lb Bag
Peredovik Sunflower Seed is well-known for its exceptional nutritional value for the avian community, but is also gaining huge popularity with health-conscious people who enjoy the wholesome benefits, unique flavor and fun of sprouting sunflower seeds.
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Peredovik Sunflower Seed

Peredovik Sunflower seed is planted primarily for attracting dove, quail and pheasant, you will find that turkey will readily feed on these seeds, as will songbirds and deer. Often grown to provide cover for hunters and timed for maturity during hunting season, portions of the mature acreage will be strip mowed, leaving rows intact to be utilized as hunting blinds. However, the fact Peredovick Sunflower Seed is high yielding, combined with its adaptability to almost any growing condition, except consistently damp and moist, has made it a profitable cash crop as well, many growers rotating this sunflower crop with their wheat harvest.

The recommended sunflower seeding rate is 5 to 6 pounds per acre; slightly less when mixed with cowpeas.

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