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Ornamental Pepper Plants

Ornamental Peppers are mainly grown for the attractiveness of their color fruits, which stand proudly upright in clusters at the end of the plant stems. They can be grown as bedding plants, in containers, and as houseplants.

Ornamental peppers usually produce their fruits in July and hold on the plant until frost. They enjoy full sun in well-drained soil and perform best when the temperatures heat up. They're remarkably drought-tolerant, however they grow best when watered as the soil becomes dry. Depending upon your preference, you can pinch new growth to encourage the plant to branch out and become bushier or you can let it grow naturally. Its true habit is somewhat rambling.

All of our Ornamental Pepper Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

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