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Ornamental Grass Seeds

Our Ornamental Grass Flower Seeds offer some of the most versatile, long-living, easy-to-maintain landscape options available. Most ornamental grasses adapt well to a wide variety of climatic and growing conditions, many of them looking dramatically interesting all year long. They even add motion and sound to the garden as they move in soft spring breezes or bend in stiff winter winds.  

In addition, ornamental grasses will attract native songbirds, all year long. Birds enjoy the grasses for nesting material and though there are few pests that will damage decorative grasses, the birds will enjoy feasting on those insects, caterpillars and worms that shelter in and under the grasses’ fronds. Migrating songbirds will also be attracted to the seeds most ornamental grasses produce in the fall and early winter, feeding the birds in warmer climes throughout the entire winter season. First gaining immense popularity in the 1980s when showcased by a German-born landscape in parks and gardens in and around Washington D.C., some of those same grass plants are still alive today, while many more cultivars, both for cool seasons and warm seasons, have made it easy for all gardeners and landscape artists to explore the soft, natural look and care-free nature of ornamental grasses.

Not particularly heavy feeders, grasses, as will all plants, will benefit from regular feeding; those in containers especially requiring regular feeding to thrive. A water-soluble fertilizer works best, feed every month or two when in a container and every 3 to 6 months when in the ground. We recommend Jungle Flora or Neptune’s Harvest, both of which are approved for organic gardening, are formulated specifically for vegetable and ornamental plants and are safe for use around your family and pets, as well as being safe for the environment.   

Each order of our fresh Ornamental Grass seeds is filled by hand, put into a resealable plastic bag and then placed into a labeled seed packet. It is our goal to provide our customers the best in freshness and quality.

Price $1.88
Our ‘Big Bluestem’ Ornamental Grass Seed is considered a warm season perennial grass, recognizable due to its Turkey Feet looking seed heads and its wonderful coppery fall coloration. In fact, it is also called Turkey Feet and is a bunch grass as well, growing in large clumps. The “big” in its name stems from the fact that it can grow to 10-feet tall, its foliage being blue-green in the summer, the seed heads first being green, changing to purple and then to bronze. Its blades are somewhat hairy, average around 12-inches long and 1/2-inch wide. Having very deep roots, this grass will do well on the windiest side of your house and could have possibly prevented the dustbowl disaster in the Midwest if the farmers had not tilled it under for crops. It’s a great soil stabilizer for eroding hills! Approximately 100 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $1.88
Our ‘Festuca Blue Fescue’ Ornamental Grass Seed is a perennial dwarf warm season decorative grass and is the perfect natural accent for rock gardens, edging and for coastal climates, tolerating drought and salt very well. Growing in tidy clumps, this blue fescue is really “blue”! A powdery or silvery blue, much more blue than green, the spiky foliage keeps its unusual color all year long. In early summer the exhibit changes as tall, strong stalks appear, holding wheat like seed heads, making these little guys even more interesting and pleasing the song-birds to no end! Approximately 100 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $2.18
Our ‘Little Bluestem’ Ornamental Grass Seed is considered a warm season perennial grass and is a cousin to Big Bluestem, often found growing right alongside it. More commonly used in residential landscapes, due to its smaller size, the wide range of blue and green hues present in the foliage is attractive, as is the striking bright red fall coloration and silvery-white seed heads. Little Bluestem decorative grass is used for erosion control more than Big Bluestem and fits well into most landscape designs, again, due to its “tamer” size. Approximately 100 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $2.63
Our ‘Pink Pampas Grass’ Ornamental Grass Seed is arguably one of the most recognizable decorative grasses, having large, showy, whimsical pink plumes that rise on substantial canes above long, sharp-edged, bluish-green blades of grass that can measure 3 to 6-feet in length. Beware the blades on this decorative grass; they are indeed sharp. The plumes on this variety will normally measure 8 to 16-inches in length on 6 to 10-foot tall stems. Perennial in nature, Pampas grass is widely used as natural fencing, or to hide barbed wire fencing. Also used as privacy screens, nature will normally take care of the pruning, though in warm climates it will be necessary to cut the stalks back hard before spring in order to spur new growth. In the suburbs, Pampas grass is grown in hard-to-care for corners or to soften hard lines along the foundation of two-story homes. Approximately 50 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $2.63
Our ‘White Pampas Grass’ Ornamental Grass Seed is very recognizable and hard to miss, growing exceptionally tall with long, sharp, blue-green blades of grass through which heavy-duty stems grow, supporting fluffy, large, feathery-looking, creamy white plumes. Adaptable to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions, some stands of Pampas grass may be hundreds of years old. Nature will normally take care of the pruning in areas that see winter, but in climates where the cold doesn’t do the job, it may be necessary to prune your Pampas grass back hard so as to encourage new growth in the spring. If you don’t have a use for those plumes, check with your local florists or craft shops, or run an ad; these plumes are in great demand for dried flower arrangements and other “crafty” projects. Approximately 50 seeds per each hand-filled packet.