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Organic Watermelon Seeds

All of our Watermelon Seeds for sale are certified organic and non-GMO, ensuring the plants will produce a nutritious harvest that is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Seeds can be sown directly into the garden soil during the week of your last frost. It takes 4-8 days for the watermelon seeds to sprout. Each plant will produce approximately 4 fresh watermelons. To ensure both freshness and quality, we hand-fill every watermelon seed packet.
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Allsweet’s firm, sweet flesh is bright red with small numbers of dark brown seeds. It bears a very long oval-shaped watermelon, nearing 25 pounds each, with irregular dark green striped markings on a lighter green background and a tough rind that helps to prevent bruising. This variety keeps extremely well and is also resistant to disease. Approximately 50 Organic Allsweet Watermelon Seeds per packet.
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Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon is the seed to buy if you are short on space. Maturing early, Bush Sugar Baby is also a space saver, with vines only reaching 3 to 4-foot in length. This icebox melon averages about 5 to 8-pounds, usually bearing two melons on each vine. The rind is almost solidly rich, bluish-green with minimal darker striping and is just slightly oval. Packed with flavor, this watermelon is resistant to both disease and drought. Ideal for gardeners with limited space, Bush Sugar Baby can even be trellised. Approximately 50 organic seeds per packet.
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Dixie Queen Watermelon is also known as White Seeded Cuban Queen. The original Cuban Queen was known for producing melons up to 100-pounds, but this white seeded variety, though just as sweet, produces smaller melons, only weighing in at between 30 and 50-pounds. This heirloom variety was first hybridized and registered in 1890 by Johnson & Stokes Seed Company. The slightly oblong fruits average about 12-inches across and 15-inches long and have very light green skin with dark green striations. The rind is thin, but tough, and Dixie Queen has been a popular market melon for many decades. Approximately 50 organic seeds per packet.
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You Save: $2.48 (75%)
Jubilee Watermelon produces a watermelon grown for its hefty size and for its thick rind that substantially protects the fruit during handling, is also known for its consistently fine texture and crisp, medium-red flesh. Its sweet flavor is considered by some to be superb when compared to most other varieties. The average Jubilee watermelon weighs 40-lbs. at harvest! Approximately 50 organic seeds per packet.
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Kleckleys Sweet Watermelon is also known as Monte Cristo or The Wonder Melon, which should give you an indication about its flavor and ease of growth. Having a very dark rind, sometimes irregularly mottled with slightly lighter shades, this watermelon was bred by W. A. Kleckley of Alabama in 1887, being introduced to the public in 1897. An American favorite, you won’t find this one on your supermarket shelves, though it is sure to be a hit at your local farmer’s market. With its thin rind, this heirloom watermelon does not stand up well to shipping, but makes slicing easier for the home gardener. Touted in many seed catalogs as “The finest and sweetest melon for home use”, we are sure that Kleckley’s Sweet will become a customer favorite! Approximately 50 organic seeds per packet.
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Tendersweet Orange Watermelon produces an heirloom variety the bears the common light green rind with dark green markings, but with an uncommonly luscious, bright orange flesh. This oblong fruit also has a thick rind which enables it to withstand the rigors of transport to the farmers market or the small child not quite able to hold onto its 35-lb. mass. Tender and very sweet, pair this variety with a red for an eye-pleasing, gratifying and low calorie side-dish. Approximately 50 organic seeds per packet.
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Yellow Sweet Gem Watermelon is somewhat rare, this yellow-fleshed watermelon once widely grown and now making a resurgence due to its fantastically sweet flavor and rich color. Averaging 14 to 16 pounds each, this oval melon is a sister to Crimson Sweet and has a tough, medium-thick, hard-to-bruise, spring-green rind with dark green irregular stripes. The bright yellow flesh looks fantastic in a mixed-fruit bowl and may very well be the sweetest fruit in the bowl. Approximately 50 organic seeds per packet.