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Organic Herb Seeds

All of our Herb Seeds for sale are certified organic and non-GMO, ensuring the plants will produce a nutritious harvest that is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Herb seed is generally started indoors, often in containers or pots that can easily be moved from the patio to the house as the seasons dictate, so as to have fresh herbs year round. If germinating indoors, temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees is recommended. Under these conditions, it usually takes 6-12 days for herb seeds to germinate. Seeds should be started 5 weeks before your estimated transplant date. For more information on herbs, read our blog article: Herbalicious, Why You Should Grow Your Own Herbs.

To ensure both freshness and quality, we hand-fill every herb seed packet.

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Organic Amaranth Red Herb Seed produces a herb that is becoming extremely popular due to its rich color and nutritional values. Added to a salad, it adds a splash of color, while its large, red and green foliage adds interest to your garden. Amaranth contrasts nicely with various bedding plants and with other herbs. Flowers of the Amaranth are a brilliant red. The plants grow to about 2-foot tall. Approx. 300 seeds per packet.
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Organic Arugula Astro Herb Seed produces a plant with leaves which have a sharp, nutty flavor. Fast growing, hardy and bushy this herb is a spicy complement to fancy salad mixes. Astro Arugula is an annual herb in the mustard family (often mistaken for a type of lettuce) that is very low in calories and high in vitamins A and C. The seed of the plant is used for flavoring oils, but it’s grown by most gardeners and gourmet greens aficionados for its pungent nutty and peppery addition to salads. It blends beautifully with fruit-flavored dressings. It’s also great cooked. Too much sun and too little moisture will cause the leaves to become more peppery. The plant performs at its best in full sun and light, sandy, well-drained soils from spring to mid-summer, and harvesting young leaves promotes continual growth. The small white flowers and seed heads are edible and add a piquant flavor to salads. Approximately 200 seeds per packet.
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Organic Arugula-Wild Herb Seed produces plants that are a little bit zestier than other varieties and is popular with those who like more spice in their life! The tender, smooth leaves are best when picked just minutes before serving your salad, or when steamed with other greens for a little zip in your dishes. Wild Arugula grows best in cooler weather, so plant in early spring and provide protection from the heat with a shade cloth during the summer, or plant in early fall as part of your fall garden. Though sensitive to heat, it still enjoys the sun. Approximately 200 seeds per packet
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Organic Basil-Cinnamon Herb Seed produces an all around herb with countless uses and an ornamental addition to your garden. The stems and flowers are a brilliant purple, adding visual interest to your garden. The flavor is sweet and spicy and as with all Basils, the oil content is high resulting in the concentrated flavor so important to cooking. Use in desserts and other sweet dishes. Some people even use this herb as a tea; its rich cinnamon flavor is soothing and comforting. Approximately 350 seeds per packet.
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Organic Basil-Genovese Herb Seed produces an annual herb that is cultivated in temperate climates throughout the world. It is one of the most popular basils because of its uniform growth habit and rich, sweet scent. Basil Genovese produces dense foliage throughout the warm season and thrives in full sun. Many chefs prefer this variety for pesto. It grows well in containers or any sunny ground location. The fresh leaves are wonderful whole, sliced or minced in salads, pesto, vinegars and marinades. They may be chopped and added to tomato dishes, pasta sauce and soups and stews. Pruning the leaves encourages branching and maximum growth throughout the season. This variety can grow 2 to 3 feet in height. Leaves may also be frozen or dried, but the oils are the strongest and sweetest when used fresh. Approximately 500 seeds per packet.
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Organic Basil-Lemon Herb Seed produces a plant with thin, downy foliage and white flowers. The plant thrives in hot, sunny locations. Lemon Basil is an annual that grows 18 to 24 inches tall. Pinching off flower spikes will prevent seeding and will encourage leaf production from the plant throughout the growing season. Lemon Basil has hints of clove, anise and cinnamon, with a pronounced lemon flavor and aroma that is a wonderful addition to Asian and Mediterranean salads, tomato dishes, cheeses, omelets, pesto, fish recipes and teas. Its extract is reported to have antioxidant qualities. Approximately 350 seeds per packet.
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Organic Basil-Large Leaf Herb Seed produces a plant which is extremely fragrant with a clove-like flavor when used fresh or cooked. Basil is an essential ingredient in pesto, and it adds a distinct kick to salads, dressings, and infused dipping oils. This variety is frequently used in Thai cuisine and most Italian tomato and pasta dishes. Like many herbs, basil has several reputed medicinal qualities and is even said to work well as an insect repellent when rubbed on the skin. It thrives in hot locations with bright sun. Leaves can be harvested throughout the growing season to encourage further growth. Approximately 500 seeds per packet.
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The Organic Basil-Mix Herb Seed includes seeds for at least 10 different kinds of basils. If you’ve looked through our selection of basil and are finding it impossible to make up your mind, choose “the mix” and leave it in our hands. Then, as they grow and mature, you will be able to take the leaves and crush them, savoring the individual aroma and characteristics of each variety. Make cooking fun again by experimenting with new types of fresh basils and other herbs! Approximately 250 seeds per packet.
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Our Organic Basil-Persian Herb Seed produces an herb plant with a very recognizable fragrance, described as a combination of lemon and spice. Its nickname however, Licorice Basil, may give you a more accurate description of its flavor and bouquet. Persian Basil can be used much the same as any other variety of basil, though when trying in recipes for the first time, you may want to use a little less. Thai basil is also sometimes called Licorice or Anise basil; these are not the same varieties, the two having a decidedly different flavor and aroma. Approximately 200 seeds per packet.
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The Organic Basil-Purple Dark Opal Herb Seed is somewhat confused as to its origins. Maybe it is the same basil that the French Vilmorin Seed Company referred to as “Large Purple Sweet Basil” in 1885, or it could be the heirloom that was first introduced in Connecticut in the 1950s…or it could be one and the same. Regardless of where it originated, Purple Dark Opal Basil is grown as much for its ornamental properties as it is its culinary worth. Retaining that unique, deep purple color throughout the season, the color will bleed into vinegars or oils made with this basil, making for beautiful table presence. This one is a must-have, if only for its startling color. Approximately 250 seeds per packet.

Organic certification certificates available upon request.

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Organic Basil-Sweet Herb Seed produces an easy-to-grow warm weather annual that develops into an attractive, bushy plant 18-24" tall. Sweet Basil is a classic ingredient of Italian pesto. Basil's popularity comes from the refreshing, aromatic flavor of the leaves. Use in tomato dishes, soups, salads, and with fish and poultry. Grows well in containers and makes a good addition to flower borders. Approximately 500 seeds per packet.
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Organic Borage Herb Seed produces a plant with bright blue, star-shaped flowers that bloom most of the summer, making Borage one of the most ornamental herb plants. Borage is the most commonly photographed, painted, and stitched herb because of its beauty. The flavor of the leaves resembles that of cucumber. The plant will grow to a height of about 18 inches, and spread about 12 inches. Borage is not a fussy plant, but the richer the soil, the bushier the plant will be and it prefers full sun. Seeds can be sown throughout the season, and once growth is established it will continue to seed itself. Place plants close together so they can support each other. A plant or two in an indoor pot, in a window with southern exposure will provide fresh Borage all winter. Use finely chopped leaves in salads. The leaves are normally used raw, but the stems are sometimes steamed and sautéed, similar to spinach. The stems can also be used much as celery is. Approximately 100 seeds per packet.
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Organic Catnip Herb Seed produces a perennial herb which produces euphoria for some 70% of domesticated cats, but it is also commonly used in tea. A mint-like plant with grayish green leaves, use a little more of the dried leaves than you would tea leaves, and steep, just as you would tea. Many people use this tea for medicinal purposes, particular for the treatment of colds and congestion. It has also been used as a gentle antispasmodic and a very mild sedative. Catnip will grow in full sun to partial shade, and in the right conditions can become a noxious weed, similar to what mint will do, if left to grow unchecked. The plants produce a small white flower flecked with purple. Pinch the flowers to encourage another blooming. Most catnip growers start plants in numerous pots and rotate them in and out doors. Approximately 1,500 seeds per packet. Sold Out
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The Organic Chamomile-German Herb Seed is one of the prettiest and most versatile herbs you can grow. Bearing small, white, pineappley-aromatic daisies with sunny yellow cone-like centers atop small-leaved, semi-trailing foliage, it can grow up to 30-inches. Most often used to make chamomile tea, a tea known to relax and sometimes used as a sleep aid, it possesses a number of medicinal and commercial properties, such as for perfumes and hair rinses. Widely adaptable, you can sow it directly into the garden in fall or mid-winter for a spring crop, though planting after danger of all frost is past will also work. It makes a fantastic flowering ground cover! Approximately 2500 seeds per packet.
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Organic Chives Herb Seed produces a plant with a mild onion flavor and bright green color that’s an excellent flavor addition to egg dishes, cheeses, salads, soups, over sour cream on baked potatoes, and in butter sauces. Chives grow in clumps with round, hollow, grassy leaves that can reach a height of 9 inches. Pink or purple flowers make an attractive edible garnish, and should be removed to promote growth of the leaves throughout the warm season—and to prohibit self-seeding. Chives thrive in moist soil in containers or in the ground where they’ll receive plenty of daytime sun. Snipping the chives in 1/4-inch lengths makes them perfect for use fresh or dried. Chives are an attractant to bees and are known to deter deer. Approximately 300 seeds per packet.
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Organic Chives-Garlic Herb Seed produces a plant which grows to about 12 inches tall with flat, skinny leaves, rather than round, hollow stems like standard chives. Garlic chive blooms are greenish white and up to 30 inches tall on stalks that tower over the leaves. Both blooms and stems are edible and have a garlic-onion flavor. Snip blooms to keep plants from self-seeding and spreading. Garlic chives add great flavor when used fresh or dried in cheeses, in scrambled eggs, on pizza or sautéed in butter to use with fish, meats or vegetables. Like many herbs, this plant will thrive in full sun. A hardy perennial, garlic chives can be snipped to the ground to keep the plant producing fresh leaves until frost. Approximately 150 seeds per packet.
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Organic Cilantro-Coriander Herb Seed produces an annual plant with two distinct, aromatic parts. The leaf is commonly referred to as Cilantro and is also known as Chinese parsley, while the dried seeds of the plant are known as Coriander. Cilantro is an indispensable ingredient in Latin American and many Asian dishes, as well as in Mexican and Indian cuisine. Coriander is used whole or ground as a seasoning in curry powders, pickles, sausages, and soups, as well as distilled into an essential oil for herbal remedies, flavoring and perfumery. Cilantro thrives in full sun and will keep producing leaves as its pinched back for harvest throughout the growing season. The leaves are best when used fresh, as drying substantially reduces their flavor. Harvest the seeds when the entire plant is dry and the seeds have turned light brown, usually 2-3 weeks after flowering. Approximately 250 seeds per packet.
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Organic Cilantro-Santo Herb Seed produces leaves that are more pungent than the Cilantro-Coriander herb and the seeds are normally not harvested. A member of the dill family, Cilantro is used in salsas, for seasoning pickles and meats, and for adding a distinctive flavor to many Latin American, Mexican, and sometimes Asian dishes. This variety lends itself better to drying due to the much stronger flavor. Approximately 250 seeds per packet. Not Available 2015
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Organic Dill-Mammoth Herb Seed produces a plant with feathery leaves which are an essential ingredient in pickling, and both the leaves and seeds can be used fresh or dried as a rich addition to breads, dips, vinegars, soups, salads, stews and sauces. Both are especially common in Greek, Arabic and Scandinavian cuisines. Dill’s essential oil is used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and liqueurs. Leaves may be used fresh or dried, but seed heads should be clipped to prevent self-seeding. This variety grows up to 5-feet tall and is often used as an ornamental grass in flowerbeds. Approximately 400 seeds per packet.
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Organic Fennel Florence Herb Seed produces a plant which is also known as ‘Finocchio’ or ‘Sweet Fennel’ and grows as a bulb with a feathery top. All parts of this herb can be utilized. The feathery leaves are dried or used fresh in salads, with eggs, sauces and fish, and used for a delicate anise flavoring. The bulbous stems are often steamed, grilled or served raw, like celery. Fennel is what gives Italian Sausage its distinctive flavor. Once you thin the seedlings, you might want to hill the soil at the base of the plants. Fennel enjoys soil rich in moisture and will also do well in containers on your porch. Approx. 200 seeds per packet.
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Organic Lemon Balm Herb Seed produces by far one of the most popular garden herbs. Relatively easy to cultivate, it tolerates a wide range of climactic conditions. Lemon Balm is an extremely aromatic herb of the mint family, used for seasoning, used in liqueurs and sometimes medicinally for fevers and to aid digestion. Lemon Balm is also much more shade tolerant than almost any other herb, and much prefers partial shade in drier climates. Deadhead the flowers to prevent seeding, as this fragrant plant seeds itself prolifically. Use as a lemon flavoring in ice cream, as an herbal tea, or even as a steamy facial to control acne. It is a great honeybee attractant, but is a natural repellant for those more pesky insects, such as flies and mosquitoes. Approx. 600 seeds per packet.
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Organic Marjoram Herb Seed produces plants with flavor which peaks just before it flowers, but the leaves can be harvested throughout the growing season. This plant is an annual or perennial, depending on its growing region. It grows to about 1 foot tall with grey-green leaves and white flowers. The plant is fast-growing; harvesting leaves and flowers often will promote bushy growth. Marjoram has mildly antiseptic qualities with a stimulant effect when added to bath water or used on the skin. Its leaves and essential oils are used in perfumery and medicines, or steeped in teas for tension headaches and digestive problems. Its leaves are also a popular fragrance addition in herb wreaths. Approximately 1000 seeds per packet.
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The Organic Oregano-Italian Herb Seed is a must-have if you love Italian food. A hybrid cross between Origanum vulgare and Origanum majorana, it is both hardier and sweeter than other varieties, including Greek oregano. Growing from 12 to 18” in height, it doesn’t spread much and is well-suited for container growing. Oregano, besides being used on pizza and in other Italian dishes, is also great in any number of sauce recipes, used sparingly on meats and sprinkled on fried or grilled vegetables as they cook, along with a splash of olive oil. Mmmmm! Approximately 1000 seeds per packet.
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Organic Thyme Herb Seed produces a plant which brings a popular flavor addition to meats, vegetables, vinegars, soups, stews, tomato sauces and cheeses. Thyme needs full sun and well-drained soil. Its dried leaves, combined with parsley, chervil and tarragon comprise ‘fines herbes’ used to season many French dishes. Thyme also is an essential herb in ‘bouquet garni’. Thyme’s essential oil has many aromatherapy uses, both topical and ingested for medicinal purposes and is a popular fragrance for body care products and room fresheners. Thyme is antiseptic, stimulating and cleansing. The leaves may be harvested throughout the growing season. Approximately 1000 seeds per packet.
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Organic Dark Green Italian Parsley Seed produces what is considered to be one of the best flavored varieties of Parsley. Fully grown the plant will produce plain, celery-like leaves that are flat, glossy and dark green. Dark Green Italian is excellent for drying and for use in the kitchen, either fresh or dried. Add a sprig of fresh parsley to garnish a bowl of soup or on a dinner plate to add a little bit of restaurant-type class to your everyday meals. Approximately 700 seeds per packet.
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Our Organic Forest Green Parsley Seed produces plants with long, stiff, upright stems that easily support the triple curled leaves, keeping them pristine and enabling easy bunching at harvest time. A biennial, most often grown as an annual, the aromatic, bright green leaves retain their color throughout the season. Forest Green Parsley only grows 8 to 12-inches tall and is a popular container variety. Approximately 700 seeds per packet.