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Organic Corn Seeds

All of our Corn Seeds for sale are certified organic and non-GMO, ensuring the plants will produce a nutritious harvest that is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The ideal soil temperatures to plant corn is around 50°F, though the sweeter varieties prefer the soil to be 60°F or higher. It normally takes 3-6 days for seeds to germinate. Each plant produces 1-2 fresh ears of sweet corn. To ensure both freshness and quality, we hand-fill every corn seed packet.
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Earthtone Dent Ornamental Corn is considered an ornamental corn, but can also be used to grind into flour and to hang from posts or trees to provide sustenance for your winged visitors throughout the winter. Named for the dent in the top of the kernels, Earth Tone Dent produces large ears, 8 to 10-inches long, with kernels in a variety of shades, to include gold, orange, pink, blue, purple, green, brown, yellow and mauve. No two ears will be exactly the same! Approximately 480 organic seeds per 1/4# packet.