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Organic Cauliflower Seeds

All of our Cauliflower Seeds for sale are certified organic and non-GMO, ensuring the plants will produce a nutritious harvest that is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Cauliflower seed are generally started indoors 6 weeks before your transplant date. With germination temps between 75 and 95 degrees, seeds will sprout in 5-9 days. To ensure both freshness and quality, we hand-fill every cauliflower seed packet.
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Snowball Y Cauliflower produces mature heads earlier than most, making this French hybrid highly versatile, ideal for both spring and fall planting. The curds are tightly packed on smooth heads averaging 6 to 7 inches. The plants are also compact, while the leaves are erect, naturally wrapping the head, oftentimes doing away with the need to wrap and band in order to produce those desirable, pretty white heads. Approximately 100 organic seeds per packet.