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Organic Cantaloupe Seeds

All of our Cantaloupe Seeds for sale are certified organic and non-GMO, ensuring the plants will produce a nutritious harvest that is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Cantaloupe seed can be sown directly into the garden soil once the danger of frost has past. If starting indoors, seeds can be planted 4 weeks before the transplant date. With germination temperatures between 60-90 degrees, it normally takes 4-8 days for seeds to sprout. Each plant produces approximately 5 melons.

To ensure both freshness and quality, we hand-fill every cantaloupe seed packet.

Price $2.79
Organic Crenshaw Cantaloupe Seed produces plants with heavy melons of 7 to 10-lbs. The green, pear-shaped rind matures to yellow, while the salmon-pink flesh has a sweet, superb flavor. This crenshaw thrives in warmer temperatures. Approximately 100 seeds per packet.
Price $2.74
Organic Hale's Best Jumbo Cantaloupe Seed produces a plant which has been a garden staple since its discovery a little over 80 years ago. A deliciously sweet, aromatic melon, it is heavily 'netted' on the exterior, bearing fruit averaging between 3-4 lbs. The relatively small seed cavity leaves plenty of tasty fruit for your enjoyment. The flavor is actually enhanced a few days after picking. Approximately 100 seeds per packet.
Price $2.88
Organic Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe Seed produces a cantaloupe that is very popular with home gardeners. A smaller melon, about 6-inches in diameter and right around 3-lbs., it’s the perfect size for slicing for a side dish with breakfast or lunch. The deep golden flesh surrounds a fairly small seed cavity, leaving plenty of the thick, fragrant, meaty fruit for your enjoyment. Approximately 100 seeds per packet.
Price $2.84
Organic Honey Dew Green Flesh Cantaloupe Seed produces a honeydew is one of our sweetest and largest cantaloupes at an average size of 6-lbs. Its light golden rind gives way to lime-green flesh that is partial to either a southern exposure or to the warm temps of the southwestern part of the U.S. It is high in fiber and stores well with an enticingly sweet flavor that can satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. Approximately 100 seeds per packet.
Price $2.83
Organic Honey Rock Cantaloupe Seed produces a cantaloupe that has long been a home-gardener favorite and an All-American Selections (AAS) Winner. AAS Winners are varieties that have proven their superior performance in Trial Grounds all across North America. Each Honey Rock plant will produce 5-7 cantaloupes weighing in at 2-3 lbs. The exterior rind is thick and coarsely netted, preventing bruising, while the salmon-orange flesh provides sweet, honey-brushed flavor. Approximately 100 seeds per packet.
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Our Organic Schoon’s Hard Shell Cantaloupe Seed produces a spicy, complexly-flavored melon with apricot-colored flesh and a deeply ribbed rind that looks scalloped when served in halves. Also known as a muskmelon, the seed cavity is fairly small, while the harder-than-average rind makes it ideal for transport to your local Farmer’s Market or for extended storage in your fruit cellar. Approximately 100 seeds per packet.