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Organic Bean Seeds

All of our Bean Seeds for sale are certified organic and non-GMO, ensuring the plants will produce a nutritious harvest that is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Under the ideal conditions, it takes 6-10 days for seeds to sprout. Each 1/4-pound packet plants approximately a 100-foot row, which produces around 80-pounds of fresh beans. To ensure both freshness and quality, we hand-fill every bean seed packet.
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Black Beauty Zucchini produces a very popular variety of summer squash. Approximately 25 seeds per packet.
Price $5.50
Contender Snap Bean produces a bush-type plant that yields early 6-inch to 8-inch long green beans. A prolific grower and very dependable, the stringless green bean pods are long and round, slightly oval and are an appetizing medium green. They preserve well when canned or frozen, but are at their absolute peak of best-ness when harvested at 5-inches and munched right out of the garden. Growing equally well in cool, short growing seasons and in warm, humid climates, the Organic Contender Snap Bean is also resistant to the common bean mosaic virus and powdery mildew. Approximately 350 organic seeds per 1/4-pound packet.
Price $5.50
Golden Wax Bean produces highly productive plants that produce clusters of 5-inch long, somewhat flat, yellow pods. The bright golden beans add color to your garden, your pantry and meals. The color also makes harvesting a cinch! The pods are packed with plump, brown-eyed seeds and the vivid color will not fade during processing. Approximately 350 organic seeds per 1/4-pound packet.
Price $5.50
Jackson Wonder Lima Bean is an heirloom variety dwarf bush-type lima bean originating on the farm of Thomas Jackson sometime in the 1880s. Hailing from near Atlanta, Georgia, Jackson Wonder grows equally well in humid, as well as in dry, climates and are heat tolerant. Suitable for use as a butterbean or when dried for soups, 3-inch pods containing 3 to 5 seeds are borne on 12 to 18-inch plants. One of the hardiest and arguably, one of the most visually attractive, these are not your 'supermarket' frozen or canned mushy Lima beans. They have a somewhat meaty flavor, more on the line of a baking bean than a lima bean. Approximately 240 organic seeds per 1/4-pound packet.
Price $5.50
Broad Windsor Fava Lima Bean is an heirloom fava bean mention of this bean going as far back as 1863. Broad Windsor is planted widely as a popular vegetable and soup bean, but also as a soil amender, these plants being particularly good at adding nitrogen to your soil. In fact, you can grow them in the fall, mowing right after they bloom, and then tilling them in to improve your soil. However, we recommend you grow some to just-right maturity to supply your fresh lima bean cravings and if you have more-than-enough, that you dry some for soups and stews. These fava lima beans will grow up to 36 inches tall and will yield generously-sized pods with 5 to 7 large lima beans per pod. Approximately 65 organic seeds per 1/4-pound packet.
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Light Red Kidney Soup Bean is an early producer, has a pleasantly mild flavor and is extremely versatile in the kitchen, this soup bean widely used for chili, bean salads, soups and stews. When used in recipes, their thin skins easily take on the essence of the recipe while providing a chunky though silky smooth texture. The light red kidney bean is popular for use in Mexican cuisine and is known to be easy to grow, adapting to many growing regions, even tolerating cool, wet climates. Approximately 350 organic seeds per 1/4-pound packet.
Price $6.80
Black Coco Soup Bean can be used as a green bean if harvested at 60 days or as a shell bean just 10 days later, but as it matures, the fruit becomes tougher, making it more suitable for a refried or soup bean. The flavor intensifies and matures as the plant does; it is at the height of flavor in 90 to 95 days. On 2-foot, bushy plants, the pods are about 5-inches long and yield four plump, shiny black beans that are slightly larger than most black bean varieties. The beans are said to have a rich “cocoa” taste that makes exceptionally wonderful soup. Approximately 250 organic seeds per 1/4-pound packet.