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Orbit Mix Geranium Seeds

Orbit Mix Geranium Seeds
Orbit Mix Geranium Seeds
Discontinued Our ‘Orbit™ Mix’ Geranium Seed is a random mixture of up to 8 of Orbit’s most popular colors: appleblossom, deep salmon, scarlet, white, pink, red, violet and soft rose. Orbit’s remarkable basal branching and compact habit means that it always looks stunning, in containers or in the ground. A striking foliage plant when not in bloom, the ruffled and scalloped leaves are darkly banded with near black on rich, forest green. When in full bloom, these 4 to 5-inch clusters of blossoms nearly hide the foliage, though it is impossible not to notice it peeking out underneath! Approximately 20 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
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Orbit Mix Geranium Seeds Growing Information

Geranium Flower Seed is most often started indoors for transplanting to beds or containers outdoors later. The reason for this is that they are slow growers, normally not blooming until 16 or more weeks after germination and they can fall victim to "damping off”, which simply means that fungi, some of which may already be present in your soil, attacks the seeds and seedlings, especially when drainage is not adequate. Using seed starting trays or pots also means the seeds can be watered from the bottom, a method that works best with geraniums. Sufficient light is necessary to keep the seedlings from becoming spindly and leggy. If you sow the seeds directly into a bed, ensure there is adequate drainage. You should plant them 3 to 4-inches apart and cover with about 1/8-inch of soil, thinning as desired after the first true leaves appear. Geranium seedling stems are fragile and break easily; handling them by the leaves will be more prudent. Germination will take place best with daytime temperatures at 70 to 75°F, not dropping below 60°F at night, with most plants starting to germinate in 5 to 7 days, while some may take up to 4-weeks. If moving the plants from indoors to outdoors, expose them gradually to the outdoor temps, first during the day and then overnight for a period of seven to ten days before transplanting them into beds or outdoor containers. This is called "hardening off”.  Geraniums can be a bit of a challenge to grow, but-oh-the rewards!  

Mature Height: 12-14”
Mature Spread: 10-12”
Exposure: Full Sun
Bloom Time: Early Summer - First Frost
Soil Moisture: Moderate, Allow to Dry between Watering and then Water Well
Soil Type: Widely Adaptable
Annual in Zones: 1-8
Perennial in Zones: 9-11
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We also carry a variety of Geraniums in individual 3” pots.

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