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Onion Plants

When we ship our onion plantsThe secret to growing the largest, most flavorful onions is to start with onion plants, rather than sets or seeds. Putting established plants in the ground gives you the tremendous advantage on the growing season.

Our field-grown onion plants are harvested and shipped directly to you, ready for planting. Unless otherwise noted, we will start shipping your onions according to these zones:

  • Zones 8, 9, 10 in January–Early February
  • Zone 7 in Late January–Mid-February
  • Zone 6 in Mid-February–Early March
  • Zone 5 in Mid-March–Mid-April
  • Zone 4 in Mid/Late April–Mid-May
  • Zones 2–3 in Mid–Late May

Onions are categorized into three growing types: Short-day, Intermediate-day, and Long-day.

  • Short-day Onions produce bulbs where the total amount of daylight received is about 10-12 hours—which is the amount southern states receive in the summer.
  • Intermediate-day Onions produce bulbs where the total amount of daylight is approximately 12-14 hours—which is the amount mid-section states receive in the summer. Intermediates are also known as day-neutral onions.
  • Long-day Onions produce bulbs where the total amount of daylight is 14-16 hours. That is what northern states receive in the summer.

In order to grow the healthiest, best-tasting onions, we recommend reading our article: How to Grow the Most Flavorful Onions.

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