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Lawn Sweepers

Say goodbye to back strain and let our lawn sweepers do all the hard you can brush up on other pursuits.

Our Push Lawn Sweepers are ergonomically designed to be easy to use for anyone suffering from arthritis or anyone who has limited strength. It only takes a fraction of the time or effort needed for raking and it's simple to operate.

picking up leaves with a lawn sweeper

Introduce yourself to the advantages of our Lawn Sweepers:

  • Easily get rid of grass clippings and  fallen leaves; bag them, burn them or collect them for composting.
  • In the spring, clean up the debris left over from the winter. Our lawn sweepers will effortless pick up stones, twigs, dead grass, pine cones  and leaves.
  • Protect your mower blades with a quick pre-sweep to remove stones and downed twigs, leaves and nuts.
  • A lawn sweeper will clear a wide path for quick and efficient yard clean-up.  
  • Whisk away light snows during the winter.

Order your Lawn Sweeper today and simplify your life!

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