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King Harry Potatoes

Our King Harry Potatoes have golden, thin, flavorful skin surrounding flesh that is wonderfully creamy and moist and may be anywhere from off-white to buttery yellow. Bred over the last few decades, by Cornell University, specifically for its resistance to potato beetles, King Harry's secret is the itty-bitty, sticky hairs on the leaves; potato beetles find them highly unattractive and will quickly move on to someone else’s potato plot with more beetle-friendly leaves.

The King Harry seed potato matures in 110 to 135 days.

  • Plant in full sun.
  • Space 12” apart.
  • Highly resistant to Colorado potato beetles.
  • Highly resistant to leafhoppers.
  • Highly resistant to Flea beetles.

All of our organic King Harry seed potatoes for sale are guaranteed to arrive in great condition!

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