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Jupiter Sweet Pepper (Organic Seed) 100-Count Packet

Jupiter Sweet Pepper (Organic Seed) 100-Count Packet
Jupiter Sweet Pepper (Organic Seed) 100-Count Packet
Jupiter Sweet Pepper produce large peppers, 4 to 5-inches in breadth and height with thick, upright walls and the classic 4 lobes, just perfect for stuffing or freezing. Growing on widely adaptable 3 to 5-foot plants, they are also extremely well foliaged, protecting this succulent fruit from sunburn. Drought resistant and highly resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, Jupiter is considered one of the sweetest bell peppers on the market. Approximately 100 organic seeds per packet.
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Organic Jupiter Sweet Pepper Seed Growing Information

Jupiter Pepper seeds are generally started inside. They should be started 8 weeks before your transplant date. Seeds should be sown 1/8 inch deep. Ideally, the seeding mix should remain a moist 75 to 80 degrees during germination. Allow 6-10 days for seeds to germinate. Transplanting can take place once the danger of frost has past and the garden soil temperature has reached 55 degrees.

  • Plant Spacing: 18-24 inches
  • Row Spacing: 24 - 36 inches
  • Days to Harvest: 65-80
  • pH Level: 6.0-7.0

For growing and fertilizing instructions, read How to Fertilize Peppers.

Our Organic Jupiter Seed is not genetically modified in any way! Organic certification certificates available upon request.

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