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Irish Cobbler Potatoes

Our Irish Cobbler potatoes are early season white seed potatoes, a widely respected heirloom with consistently delicious flavor, a nutty aroma and a "deliciously mealy" texture with creamy-white, dry flesh perfect for boiling and baking. Its dependable garden performance, dating back to 1876, has earned it the nickname "Old Reliable", though it is often just called the "Cobbler". Fans of the Irish Cobbler say it makes one of the best mashed potatoes around!

Subject to producing misshapen tubers under poor growing conditions, the ideal conditions will produce a round to oblong, medium-smooth, buff-skinned, medium-sized potato with lightly netted skin and yummy white flesh. flesh. This is a traditional favorite Irish Cobbler Seed Potatoes for Plantingamong home gardeners. Plant these so as to have early seed potatoes and for their large showy plants and white blossoms, transforming the look of your early garden with a flare that many potatoes just don't possess.

The Irish Cobbler seed potato matures in 65-85 days.

  • Plant in full sun.
  • Plant 9-12" apart, 3 to 4" deep, in rows 3' apart.
  • Highly resistant to potato wart and potato virus A. Moderately resistant to mild cases of mosaic.
  • Very reliable, consistent yield and performance.

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