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Hybrid Tomato Plants

What is a hybrid tomato? A hybrid is the result of taking two other tomato varieties and cross pollinating them, resulting in a better tomato. While they may not be as sweet as an heirloom, hybrid tomatoes are easier to grow and offer improved disease resistance.

Along with being hearty producers, hybrid tomato plants also handle extremes between hot and cold better than other tomatoes, making them the first choice for many gardeners. Please note; if you save seeds for replanting, a hybrid will not grow plants that are true to themselves.

All of our Hybrid Tomato Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

Price $4.75
The 'Better Boy' Tomato plant bears consistently smooth fruit and was voted a "Best of Decade" tomato. It is one of our favorite hybrid tomato plants. Better Boy Tomato is a widely adapted, moderately salt-tolerant, very popular home garden variety and has 8 ounce deep globe-shaped fruit with great disease resistance.
Each 3-inch pot contains 1 plant
Ships: Spring 2017
Price $4.75
Our 'Mountain Fresh Plus' Tomato Plant is fast becoming a favorite for gardeners everywhere. This heat tolerant variety produces the largest and best tasting of all tomatoes bred for heat tolerance. It produces good yields of firm, smooth, red fruit that have a sweet, mild taste, often exceeding 3 1/2 inches across. Additionally, Mountain Fresh Plus is resistant to Fusarium Wilt 1 and 2 and to Verticillium Wilt 1 and is moderately salt-tolerant. Each 3-inch pot contains one Mountain Fresh Plus tomato plant.
Price $4.75
Our 'Big Beef' Tomato Plant is one to "beef" about! It is an All-America Selections Winner with "old time" tomato flavor in a large, smooth-skinned, beefsteak-type, hybrid tomato. Other varieties tend to make smaller fruit toward the end of the season, but Big Beef keeps right on making the big tomatoes till frost gets the plant. Big Beef Tomato has greater disease resistance, is moderately salt-tolerant and has improved yield potential over most beefsteak types. Each 3-inch pot contains one Big Beef tomato plant. Sold Out
Price $4.75
The 'Burpee Big Boy' Tomato Plant is a high yielding hybrid tomato that produces fruit weighing between 10 ounces and 1 pound, on average. Not only is this variety a big fruit producer but the flavor and aroma make this one of the most popular home garden varieties. Its moderate resistance to salt holds it in good stead with our coastal gardeners. Each 3-inch pot contains one Burpee Big Boy tomato plant. Sold Out
Price $4.75
The 'Early Girl II' Tomato plant is true to its name—it’s our earliest slicing tomato, ripening in just 50-60 days! This makes it perfect for gardeners in colder climates, at high altitudes or with long, hot summers that can wilt a tomato crop, as well as for the grower who lives where tomatoes grow easily. It produces 4-6 ounce smooth, fresh, tasty tomatoes early and often. It is resistant to verticillium and fusarium wilt, both strains I and II and is moderately salt-tolerant. Each 3-inch pot contains one Early Girl II tomato plant. Sold Out