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Giant Belgian Pink Heirloom Tomato (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot

Giant Belgian Pink Heirloom Tomato (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
Giant Belgian Pink Heirloom Tomato (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
The Giant Belgian Pink Heirloom Tomato Plant produces huge, sweet fruits that average 1 to 2 pounds with some weighing in at almost 5 pounds! The dark pink fruits feature a smooth blossom end, with low-acid, mild flavor and are so sweet they’ve been used in wine making. It has solid meat and hefty size, excellent for sandwich slices. We grow our Giant Belgian Pink Heirloom Tomato plants organically. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Days to Harvest: 87
Each 2.5-inch pot contains 1 plant
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Giant Belgian Pink Heirloom Tomato Plant Care and Growing Information

  • Plant spacing: 3-5 feet
  • Row spacing: 4 feet
  • Sunlight required: Approximately 8 hours
  • Days to harvest: 87
  • Plant type: Indeterminate

All of our 'Giant Belgian Pink' Heirloom Tomato Plants are grown and shipped in fine quality growing medium and are guaranteed to arrive alive and ready to plant.

Product Reviews
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Live Tomato Plant

"Live Tomato Plant"

Robert C on 5/26/2017 10:46:30 AM

Comment: Giant Belgian Pink Heirloom Tomato plants arrived in perfect, healthy condition and are thriving. Can't wait to harvest.

Giant Belgian Pink Tomato

"Giant Belgian Pink Tomato"

Lisa B. on 4/12/2016 4:27:19 PM

Comment: Excellent plants. Already had blooms

Best of the pInks

"Best of the pInks"

Patrice B on 3/22/2015 11:59:04 AM

Comment: I have grown these tomatoes the last few years and they are the best tasting, very meaty and few seeds. Nice plants when I received them. I gave some of these giant belgian tomatoes away and people loved them.

The best

"The best"

ROBERT W on 5/10/2013 8:57:40 AM

Comment: Garden harvest supply has the best Giant Belgian Pink tomato plants I have ever ordered, and quick service.

Heirlooom Tomato

"Heirlooom Tomato"

Lisa B on 4/26/2013 10:27:37 PM

Comment: Very satisfied with the Giant Belgian tomato plants. Arrived in good condition.

great plants

"great plants"

mary r on 4/11/2013 6:15:45 AM

Comment: great tomatoes from the giant Belgian pink tomato plant

Giant Belgian Pink Heirloom Tomato

"Giant Belgian Pink Heirloom Tomato"

Richard P on 10/3/2012 4:38:19 PM

Comment: Tasty LARGE fruits and plenty of them. Give them some room as these are large plants. I'll order some more next spring.

Giant Belgian

"Giant Belgian"

Dave L. on 7/12/2012 6:56:08 PM

Comment: My problem is that my plant will get flowers but they fall off before they become tomatoes. I have one tomato on my plant and I've had it since Memorial Day. Any advice? Dave: The hot temps really do a number on tomato blossoms, even more so with heirlooms. We offer a product called blossom set spray that will help them set fruits. GHS

giant belgian pink plant arrival

"giant belgian pink plant arrival"

Toni Johnson on 3/29/2012 4:53:23 PM

Comment: the giant belgian pink tomato plant arrived in great condition!

wonderful plants

"wonderful plants"

mary roesser on 5/4/2011 10:07:08 AM

Comment: The giant belgian tomato plants were very healthy and well packed. I was extremely impressed with my order