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German Butterball Potatoes

We have yet to see a bad customer review for our 'German Butterball' Potatoes. A medium-sized heirloom russet seed potato with very light netting, golden skin and golden-yellow, creamy flesh, this all-around potato performs well in just about any dish when boiled, fried, steamed or mashed. Additionally, the plants grow vigorously tall and full, providing invaluable shade for your potato crop while white blossoms decorate the vines.

German Butterball Seed Potato for Sale

Allow them plenty of room; they are said to wander happily and to set amazingly high yields.

The German Butterball Potato seed potato matures in 100 to 130 days.

  • Plant in full sun
  • Space 12 to 15" between plants and 30 to 36" between rows
  • Resistant to late blight, scab and viruses
  • Ideal for winter storage

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