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Gerbera Seeds

Gerbera Flower Seeds produce a striking and colorful plant that is known widely by its genus name, but is commonly called the Gerber Daisy. It is also known as the African Daisy, first being discovered there and introduced to the world in 1889. A member of the sunflower family, the bold, brilliant colors are most pronounced when planted in bright sunlight, though their blooming may be limited at temperatures above 80°F, where light afternoon shade may be appreciated. Consistent moisture is a necessity while they are in bloom, but Gerberas can be allowed to dry out between waterings when not in bloom. Deadheading will increase the blossoms, though African daisies rarely bloom longer than 6-weeks when in containers indoors. Outdoors, especially in areas where they are grown as a perennial, they will often bloom again in the fall, regardless if planted in containers or in the ground.      

Gerbera, pronounced JERR-burr-uh, flower seed yields a tender perennial plant that is generally grown as an annual cutting garden flower. In fact, the Gerbera Daisy is the fifth most commonly used cut flower in florist shops and for the most part, much easier to grow and less expensive than roses or tulips. Carnations and Chrysanthemums round out the top five utilized blossoms for professional cut flower arrangements; grow some of each for florist-quality vases in your own home!

Water-soluble, slow release fertilizers are the best way to feed most blooming plants. If grown in containers, their need for good nutrition is even higher. We recommend Jungle Flora or Espoma Flower-tone®, both of which are approved for organic gardening and are safe for your family, pets, livestock and water habitats, as well as being specially formulated for blooming plants.

Each order of our fresh Gerbera seeds is filled by hand, put into a resealable plastic bag and then placed into a labeled seed packet. It is our goal to provide our customers the best in freshness and quality.

Price $8.75
Our ‘Jaguar™ Orange Picotee’ Gerbera Seeds grow plants with fully double, sunny orange blossoms sporting golden tips. Blooming early and lasting long, the Jaguar African daisy will be covered in beautifully joyful flowers all season long. Cut these 3 to 4-inch blossoms for your vases; the more you cut the more they’ll bloom! Approximately 10 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $8.75
Our ‘Jaguar™ Red’ Gerbera Seed produces wonderfully scarlet-red African Daisies with double rows of split tip rays, a frilly halo interspersed with yellow and a pastel green eye, all of which combine for a most striking display. If you are going to grow Gerber daisies, you have to grow Jaguar Red! It looks especially striking with Jaguar White or Yellow! Approximately 10 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $8.75
Our ‘Jaguar™ Yellow-Dark Center’ Gerbera Seed yields a striking, bright, bright yellow Gerber daisy blossom with a wonderfully brown, in-depth eye. The dark, alluring eye adds interest to your cutting garden, to your containers and even to your vases. Surrounded with a halo of tiny yellow frills, the remainder of the flower is surprisingly monochromatic, making for a most dramatic presentation! This African daisy can stand alone or will stand out in a mixed vase. Approximately 10 seeds per each hand-filled packet.