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Garden Seeders

Thinking about planting your garden but dreading the constant bending required when seeds are sown by hand? Then it's time to invest in a garden seeder! A well-crafted seed planter saves time, increases the accuracy of seed placement, and totally eliminates back strain. Constructed of durable and easy-to-clean materials, they're built to last, and they are compact so they don't take up much space during non-planting time. Isn't it time to make seed planting a breeze instead of a dreaded chore? Buy with confidence: we guarantee your satisfaction.

Price $120.00
List Price: $139.95
You Save: $19.95 (14%)
The all-in-one Garden Seed Planter by Lambert Mfg. includes both the Fertilizer Hopper and the Accessories Bag. A real time saver, there is no need to make an extra trip around the garden to fertilize your plantings. As the seeds are sown, the appropriate amount of fertilizer is also dispensed, and the next row is marked out, all in one simple, easy motion, and its all done without bending or stooping. Made in the U.S.A.
Price $89.00
List Price: $125.00
You Save: $36.00 (29%)
The EarthWay® Precision Garden Seeder eliminates the tedious, back-breaking work created by hand-sowing seeds! In one pass you will plant the seeds at the proper depth and spacing, cover the seeds, and mark out the next row. Talk about making gardening fun again. With its lightweight aluminum frame and optional accessories, it’s considered to be the “Cadillac” of seed planters. Included are 6 “Standard” Seed Plates that can plant 17 different types of vegetable seeds. Buy with confidence, your satisfaction is guaranteed! Made in the U.S.A.
Price $75.00
List Price: $115.75
You Save: $40.75 (35%)
The GS2010 Garden Seeder by Precision Products is very efficient and easy to use. With 2 hoppers, it allows for simultaneous planting and fertilizing. It also includes a storage pouch, 6 seed plates, and a reversible row marker. Made in the U.S.A.
Price $17.80
This Garden Seeder by WOLF-Garten is designed to lessen the bending and stooping associated with planting your flower or vegetable gardens. Simply add the seeds to the sower, select one of the seed size settings, then push the tool along the surface in straight lines. It is part of their intelligent multi-star® interlocking system and needs to be attach to one of the custom-designed interchangeable multi-star handles (not included).
Price $3.25
List Price: $4.50
You Save: $1.25 (28%)
The #805 Mini Seedmaster hand seeder uses a small plunger-type dispenser to sow even the smallest seeds right where you want them.
Price $1.99
The Dial Seed Sower provides an even distribution of even the smallest seeds. The rotary dial has 6 different seed size settings. With finger grips on the side for easy holding and speed bumps on the inside of the seed delivery area to keep seeds from rolling out too fast, this seeder is very easy to use.
Price $5.99
The vibrating Seedmaster hand seeder uses a built-in manual vibration mechanism to evenly sow seeds. Each Seedmaster includes 4 interchangeable baffles to allow for precise sowing of a wide range of seed types.
Price $50.00
List Price: $62.60
You Save: $12.60 (20%)
The Fert-A-Ply Side Dresser is a fertilizer applicator that easily attaches to the model 1001B EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder.
Price $26.00
The set of 5 Optional Seed Plates for the Earthway Garden Seeder will plant an additional 8 seed varieties.
Price $26.85
The set of 6 Standard Seed Plates will plant 17 garden seed varieties.
Price $20.90
The Seed Plate Storage Bag keeps all your extra seed plates right where you need them, at your finger tips on the Earthway Garden Seeder.
Price $5.95
This is a replacement belt for the EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder Model
Price $15.75
This Replacement Belt works for all Lambert Seed Planters.
Price $18.89
This is a replacement for the front wheel on the Earthway Precision Garden Seeder.
Price $11.25
This is a replacement for the back wheel on the Earthway Precision Garden Seeder
Price $18.94
This is a replacement for the seed hopper on the Earthway Precision Garden Seeder. Also includes a new gear and pully.