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Garden Hoes

Not only are Rogue Garden Hoes environmentally friendly, they are made from tempered steel, which stays sharp longer than any other hoe. And because all of the grinding, welding and sharpening are done by hand, quality is assured. Each Rogue Hoe is attached to a northern white ash handle with both a pressure fit and epoxy bond. Handles have a weatherproof coating applied. If you are buying more than one, email us for special shipping cost.
Price $37.95
The Rogue Garden Hoe 40G has a 4-inch head that is hand-sharpened on three sides, enabling you to turn it sideways to perform like a triangular hoe. Of course, if you have more than one person working the garden, one can be softening and turning the soil with this particular Rogue garden hoe while another uses a different Rogue hoe, like the triangle hoe, to make the seed rows. Each person will also normally have a personal preference of what implement to use, so having a variety of Rogue hoes on hand ensures the perfect tool to get any job done and the right tool to fit the person doing the job! This Rogue hoe has a 60-inch northern white ash handle for strength and longevity.
Price $37.95
Used for both pushing and for pulling the Rogue Scuffle Hoe 60S has it all going on! In fact, one customer claims that he can “out-weed a tiller” with this scuffle hoe. It allows for hoeing without the back-breaking bending. The head is hand-honed, on each side, to a superior, beveled, sharp edge to make short work of weeding your garden. This Rogue triangle hoe has a 60-inch northern white ash handle for strength and longevity. If you have never tried a scuffle hoe, now is the time!
Price $37.95
With the hoe blade mounted to easily accommodate both pushing and pulling motions this Rogue Scuffle Hoe 80S has an 8-inch wide triangle-shaped and slightly curved blade that is perfect for the gardener who has a lot of ground to cover. In fact, orchard owners prefer this scuffle hoe over most other designs. With the curved sides measuring 5.5-inches and a 60-inch white ash handle, you can dig both deep and wide with this hand-honed Rogue scuffle hoe.
Price $32.00
With the Rogue Scraper Hoe 70SC, you’ll never find a better Scraper Hoe. This 7-inch scraper is made of recycled high grade steel and is sold sharp for the toughest jobs. It has proven itself at carwashes, schools, churches, businesses, as well as private sidewalks and driveways. The handle is 54" long.
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