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Forsythia Plants

Forsythia is a most cheerful herald to spring. One of the first bushes to bloom, with their gorgeous yellow blossoms even preceding their leaves, their appearance can’t help but bring a smile to sun-starved faces. The straight, sometimes slightly arching, woody stems are adorned with sunny blossoms that are remarkably long-lasting in cut arrangements and when planted in an evergreen garden is the absolute perfect accent piece.

Forsythia (pronounced for-SITH-ee-a) is a fast-growing shrub, sometimes referred to as Golden Bells, with a mostly upright form that requires remarkably little care once established. Pruning is recommended, right after they flower, so as to encourage more blossoms next year; the blossoms grow on the previous year’s growth. Pruning will also develop a bushier plant. If, on the other hand, pruning is not your thing, they look quite beautiful if left to grow naturally. Forsythia is most often used as a living privacy screen, a flowering hedge or a specimen plant against a fence.

All of our Forsythia Plants for sale are shipped with very well-established root systems. They ship according to our Spring Shipping schedule. We guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving.

Price $10.95
First introduced in 1935, the 'Lynwood Gold' Forsythia Plant has long been a favorite of home and professional landscapers. The official harbinger to spring, they bloom early with masses of buttery yellow blossoms evenly distributed along the woody stems. The dark green foliage follows the fading blooms. Lynwood Gold is a fast grower and widely adaptable, even being able to withstand adverse city conditions and moderately salty environs. Lynwood makes an exceptional property line hedge and can be pruned to maintain its desired height. Each 4-inch pot contains one Lynwood Gold Forsythia plant.
Price $14.95
The 'Show Off®' Forsythia Plant is a Proven Winners® selection and is quite unlike most forsythia, growing more compactly with little need for pruning to retain its uniform beauty and prolific flowering exhibition, its showy blossoms covering the slightly arching branches from the ground up. Show Off is a vast improvement over the most common forsythias, producing intense yellow flowers that give way to deep green foliage and a growing habit that is rounded and dense. Cut a few sprigs for your springtime flower arrangements and enjoy the light, un-forsythia-like fragrance, but forget the pruning! Want a stand-out flowering hedge? This is the one! Our coastal gardeners love its moderate tolerance to salty soils and climates. Each 4-inch pot contains one Show Off Forsythia plant.