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Espoma Organic Summer Revitalizer

Espoma Organic Summer Revitalizer
Espoma Organic Summer Revitalizer
Espoma Organic® Summer Revitalizer, 8-0-0, has been specially formulated to revitalize a summer lawn stressed by the high heat, drought and high traffic associated with summertime. Amended with Espoma’s Bio-tone®, a proprietary and patented blend of microbes known to improve over all soil structure, encourage deeper and more vigorous root growth and promote faster greening, a natural, non-staining form of iron has also been added in order to ensure a rich, deep green color, even in extreme summer heat. Each 30-lb. bag will cover approximately 5000 square feet.
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Espoma Organic Summer Revitalizer

All-natural and organic, apply Espoma Summer Revitalizer in July or August on Cool Season Grasses or in June or July on Warm Season Grasses:

  • Safe for the environment, your children and pets
  • Provides slow-release, long lasting nutrition
  • Contributes to a vigorously healthy lawn and soil
  • Won’t burn your lawn or leach out of the soil
  • Results in less frequent mowing


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