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Electronic Deer Barrier

Electronic Deer Barrier
Electronic Deer Barrier
Discontinued The Electronic Deer Barrier by Havahart® harmlessly keeps deer off of your property. Economical and effective, the Havahart electronic barrier is impervious to heat and cold and works like an electric fence, but without the wires! This package includes 3 units.
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The Electronic Deer Barrier works simply. Just place a few drops of the acorn-scented deer lure onto a cotton ball, install the batteries into the head units, snap the post togethers and stake them in your yard.

When the deer repellents are properly placed, the lure will attract deer to the posts.

Upon contact, the deer receive a gentle static shock, (similar to static shock received from carpeting) conditioning them to stay away from your yard. The green and silver colors of the posts blend with your yard, but the tops are bright red for visibility.

This electronic deer repellent includes:

  • 3 units
  • Aromatic Lure
  • Instructions
  • Cotton Balls
  • Order form for additional lure

The unit requires only two AA batteries, not included. The Electronic Deer Repellent is easy to assemble and covers approx. 1200 sq feet.

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