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Elba Potato

The Elba Potato may be one of the most popular potatoes grown around the country. The blossoms are shades of white above medium green leaves and produce a round potato that has moist, very flavorful flesh. They are an all-around good potato for whatever use you may put them to; they don’t lose their flavor and remain firm when boiled.

The Elba seed potato matures in 110 to 135 days.

  • Plant in full sun
  • Space 12” apart
  • High yield
  • Resistant to both late and early blight
  • Resistant to golden nematode
  • Moderately resistant to scab
  • Drought resistant

Our Elba Seed Potatoes are Certified Organic and Certified Blue Tag. Seed Potatoes do not ship until spring when danger of frost is past.

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