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Echinacea Seeds

The plants and blossoms produced by Echinacea Flower Seeds are some of the most recognizable and prized in the perennial garden. Available in a virtual rainbow assortment of colors and unique petal configurations, these tall, stately-looking flowers are not only beautiful, but prudently medicinal as well, often being brewed for teas to boost immunity. Decoratively, Echinacea is being utilized in salads, to decorate cakes, to float in punch bowls, to display in vases; this is truly a most versatile flower. Every part of the plant, from the petals down to the root is edible, the root most often being included in teas, after thorough washing of course.

Echinacea, pronounced ek-in-AY-see-uh or eh-kih-NAY-shah, is also called Coneflower and is often confused with Rudbeckia, a flower that looks very similar. After their first flush of blossoms, they will benefit greatly from a stiff shearing, cutting back by 1/2 or 2/3 in early summer. This will encourage better branching and bushier growth, resulting in even more blossoms late in the season. Leaving the seed-heads in place after the flowers fade will attract any number of song birds, such as Goldfinches, throughout the fall and into early winter and will provide architectural interest in your garden as well. There are few flowers that are as striking and versatile, all at the same time!

 As always, perennial bloomers will benefit from regular feeding. A water-soluble fertilizer tends to work best, as it slowly releases the nutrients over a period of time. We recommend Jungle Flora or Espoma Flower-tone®, both of which are approved for organic gardening and are safe for your family, pets, livestock and water habitats, as well as being specially formulated for blooming plants.

Each order of our fresh Echinacea seeds is filled by hand, put into a resealable plastic bag and then placed into a labeled seed packet. It is our goal to provide our customers the best in freshness and quality.

Price $10.43
Our ‘Cheyenne Spirit Mix’ Echinacea Seed is a first-year flowering variety and the proud recipient of an All-America Selections (AAS) award for 2013. The attractive color mix, its stand-up-to-anything sturdiness, its low water requirements and its ability to bloom nonstop without deadheading are all factors contributing to its success and subsequent award during field trials. Plant this mixture en masse on a large scale or as a perennial border plant. All the colors of the four seasons are here in one fabulous mix! Approximately 10 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $5.03
Our ‘Magnus’ Echinacea Seed is another purple Coneflower variety, but with a shorter stature than many and with consistently swept back petals from an early age. Adding texture and filling those in-between-spots in your cut flower vases, Magnus is also ideal for the mid-area of your cutting garden. The cone is in hues of gold and green with a touch of purple close to the top. In the hottest climates, partial shade will result in richer coloration. You can divide Magnus every 4 years in the spring to keep it living its perennial life for a longer period of time. Approximately 75 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $2.03
Our ‘Purpurea’ Echinacea Seed is one of the easiest echinaceas to grow. A very old flower, this coneflower is the original common purple coneflower. Grown for its beauty and for its medicinal properties, this echinacea has a fibrous root, as opposed to the extended tap root many varieties have, making it easier to harvest. Its seeds also do not require stratification in order to germinate, as some of the older varieties do, though one performs exceptionally well when the seeds are sown in the fall. The light purple petals are gorgeous below large reddish orange cones. Approximately 100 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $7.43
Our ‘Pow Wow Mix’ Echinacea Seed yields a mixture of both the Pow Wow Wild Berry and Pow Wow White Coneflower plants. Producing more flowers than most Echinacea from seed and blooming the first year, Pow Wow Wild Berry is an All-America Selections Winner (AAS) for 2010. Also shorter than many Echinacea, the stems are strong and will never require staking, standing up, even in high winds. The incredible pink color is a striking contrast to the crisp white! Approximately 10 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $7.43
Our ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’ Echinacea Seed produces flowers earlier than any other Echinacea from seed and produces more of them! These 3 to 4-inch Coneflower blossoms are amazingly colored, appearing to be infused with neon light, the most wonderful shade of berry pink! The exceptional branching and slightly shorter stature makes Pow Wow one of the fullest appearing echinaceas and one that is fast becoming a customer favorite. Approximately 10 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $7.43
Our ‘Pow Wow White’ Echinacea Seed yields early, crisp, pure white, 3 to 4-inch Coneflower blossoms with golden-colored cones. Having amazingly dense branching for an Echinacea, Pow Wow White also blooms prolifically, yielding more blossoms than most Echinacea grown from seed, the very first year! Approximately 10 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $4.88
Our ‘Ruby Star’ Echinacea Seed yields a Coneflower plant that is also called “Rubinstern” and is by the same grower, Jelitto, who brought us Magnus. Growing slightly shorter than many cultivars, the blossoms also grow a bit differently, their petals exhibiting more horizontal growth, rather than being swept back drastically. This cultivar dries particularly well; the daisy-like blossoms are full and range in color from vibrant magenta to deeply colored ruby, depending upon the growing conditions. The cones are bronzy-orange, turning red in the fall when the songbirds will arrive to feast on the seed heads! Approximately 25 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $2.25
Our ‘White Swan’ Echinacea Seed produces a Coneflower blossom that is remarkably refined, called white swan for its feathery appearance as the petals on each blossom go from short, fluffy, new growth to long, gracefully backward arching petals of creamy white, topped by a golden cone. Not quite as vigorous as its pink relatives, though just as heat and drought tolerant, no echinacea garden is complete without including white for startling contrast, both in the bed and in your vases. Approximately 100 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $6.50
Our ‘Prairie Splendor™ Deep Rose’ Echinacea Seed is the epitome of the original Coneflower wildflower, producing short, stocky plants with prolific, deep rose blossoms with overlapping petals that stand out proud and strong, blooming 100% in the first year, from seed! In fact, it blooms up to two weeks earlier than most varieties. Considered somewhat aggressive in the garden by some, many more are thrilled with the way Prairie Splendor thrives with full sun and adequate drainage, as well as its low feeding requirements and resistance to drought. Approximately 25 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
Price $4.50
Our ‘Yellow Coneflower’ Echinacea Seed produces plants considered kind of a rarity in the world of perennial echinaceas. The leaves are bright, dramatic green, long and narrow, above which the dazzling yellow blossoms rise, topped by a large, rich brown cone. This echinacea paradoxa, also known as the Ozark Yellow Coneflower, even provides fall and winter interest as it loses its petals and the seed cone matures, attracting migrating and local song birds to your yard to feast. Approximately 25 seeds per each hand-filled packet.