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Easy Wave Petunia

Easy Wave

The Easy Wave™ Petunia is named for its ease of growth and care. Put them where you want loads of bold color! They are fast-growing, blooming freely all season without having to be cut back. They grow in a more controlled mound than many petunias - including other Wave varieties - and will tolerate both hotter and cooler extremes very well.

Easy Wave Petunias are ideal in annual gardens, as late season color fill for perennial gardens, as a flowering ground cover, or in hanging baskets. They grow from 8 to 12 inches tall and will spread to about 3 feet.

For the absolute best blooming performance, we recommend a weekly fertilizing program with a water soluble plant food; and avoid wetting the foliage at night.

Our potted Easy Wave Petunia plants for sale are guaranteed. Read about it on our Satisfaction page.

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