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Earthway Spritzer Duster Sprayer

Earthway Spritzer Duster Sprayer
Earthway Spritzer Duster Sprayer
SKU: GT-506
The Earthway Spritzer is a compact, simple, effortless and lightweight duster. Use the Spritzer for liquid or powder to effectively manage pests in your garden, orchard, and yard or on your animals.
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Earthway Spritzer Duster Sprayer

The Earthway Spritzer can be used for powder or liquid applications, add your material and the pump action emits a fine mist or powder - right where you need it.

The density of spray is controlled by the frequency that the valve is opened, so there is no need to hit the bottom with each stroke. The 29-inch barrel never clogs and is constructed from corrosion-proof materials.

Force of spray is controlled by the length and vigor of pumping - the longer the stroke the bigger the spray pattern. The simple pumping action of the Spritzer evenly distributes material with little chance of over spray.

It is very easy to clean, when you are through spraying, flush the Spritzer Duster thoroughly with clean water and allow to completely dry.

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Spritzer Garden Sprayer

"Spritzer Garden Sprayer"

Lamar G on 9/6/2013 12:48:34 PM

Comment: Thanks for keeping me posted on the back order. This is exactly what I wanted. Good service and a good product!