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Dusting Sulfur

Hi-Yield Wettable Dusting Sulfur is used as an insect control and a fungicidal, controlling just about every type of mite imaginable, as well as thrips, even on citrus. It also controls Rust, Black Spot, Brown Canker, Leaf Spot and Powdery Mildew on everything from ornamentals to vegetables to fruits and nuts. Got chiggers? Use this!

Dusting Sulfur's active ingredient is elemental sulfur, which occurs naturally in the ground. Our dusting sulfur can be utilized in its powder form, or mixed with water for an all-over spray, depending upon the area to be treated and your individual requirements.

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High-Yield® Wettable Dusting Sulfur is a naturally-derived solution widely used for both insect and disease control on plants. Use it as a dust for small, individual applications, or mix it with water for large, overall coverage.
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