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Dark Red Norland Potatoes

Our Dark Red Norland seed potatoes are considered by many gardeners to be one of the easiest to grow, this early producer having a nicely smooth, shiny, light red skin and few shallow eyes, as well as moist (waxy) flesh. A sport of the Red Norland, but with more exquisite coloration, harvest Dark Red Norland young to use as a "new" potato; chunk them to mix with green beans and bacon bits or add color to cold or hot potato salads. You can also bake them; they will be a bit moister than the average baker, but look scrumptious sitting next to a sumptuous pot roast...and they won't clash with the carrots! dark red norland seed potato

The Dark Red Norland seed potato matures in 75-85 days.

  • Plant in full sun
  • For the highest percentage of small potatoes, plant 6-8" apart; for larger potatoes sow 12" apart.
  • Resistant to leafroll, growth cracks, hollow heart, net necrosis, scab and PVA & PVY viruses.
  • Stores well, though the red may fade just a little.

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