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D-Molish Now All Purpose Cleaner - Spring Fresh Scent - 20 Gallon Drum

D-Molish Now All Purpose Cleaner - Spring Fresh Scent - 20 Gallon Drum
D-Molish Now All Purpose Cleaner - Spring Fresh Scent - 20 Gallon Drum
SKU: HN-106004-NT22
20 Gallon Drum sized Spring Fresh-scented D-Molish Now with pump. FREE SHIPPING TO LOWER 48 STATES!
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DMolish Now starts neutralizing malodors immediately while powerfully controlling grease buildup and organic waste. Ideal for use in the following problem areas:

Animal Cages Bar Sinks Bus/Plane Toilets
Carpeting Cesspools Dishwasher Drains
Drain Fields Draperies Dumpsters
Fire-damaged Items Food Service Operations Garbage Disposals
Grease Traps Laundry Drains Lift Stations
Locker Rooms Mercaptans Portable Toilets
Poultry Houses Rendering Plants Septic Tanks
Showers Urinals Trash Cans

Mercaptans: For spills, remove as much as mercaptan as possible, then saturate the spill area with a solution of 50% D-Molish Now and lukewarm water. Keep moist for several hours.

Deodorizing: Spray directly on items to be deodorized.

Garbage Cans, Dumpsters: Spray undiluted D-Molish Now over garbage.

Carpeting: Spray a fine mist directly on the carpet to control odor causing pet stains and other soil spots. For stubborn problems, cover with a moist towel overnight.

Animal Cages: Remove the animal while spraying. Spray a fine mist over complete area.

Smoke Odor from Fire Damage: Spray undiluted D-Molish Now onto walls, floors, draperies, porous surfaces, or wherever smoke damage has occurred.

Drain Maintenance: Treat the lowest levels of the drain system first. Then work towards upper levels. In systems with a grease pit, treat trap before treating lines entering trap.

  • Urinals/Toilets: 8-oz. of D-Molish 2 times per week
  • Drains: 4-oz. 2 times per week
  • Drain Fields: 2-oz. per 200 feet of line 1 time per week
  • Grease Traps: 1-pint to each drain
  • Septic Tanks: 4-oz. per 1000 gallon capacity 1 time per week

D-Molish Now is activated with water. Avoid extreme hot or cold temperatures. If other disinfectants or detergents have been used, rinse those areas before applying D-Molish or the beneficial bacteria will be killed.

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