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Composting Supplies

Composting takes place naturally, but with our selection of home composters and must-have accessories the process is greatly accelerated, enabling you to give back to the earth what you have taken out of it, reaping her remarkable rewards in the process.
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Bonide® Compost Maker is a Humus builder! All organic, Compost Maker accelerates the decomposition process in compost bins and drums, in leaf and yard debris piles and directly in the garden when applied to layers of grass and leaf clippings. Non-corrosive and non-volatile, Compost Maker supports microbial cultures feeding on moist organic matter, their digestive processes producing stable humus, the broken down organic matter, basically nutrient-rich planting medium, you get when composting yard and garden debris, kitchen waste (except dairy, meats & fats) and paper garbage. Compost Maker can be broadcast dry and then moistened or sprayed with water directly into your bin or pile.
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Composting occurs best when the temperature of the compost pile is maintained between 110° and 160°F. This handy thermometer with a 19” probe easily measures the temperature throughout your compost pile, indicating the best time to water and turn, resulting in the most efficient use of your time and energy.
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