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Cocozelle Zucchini (Organic Seed) 25-Count Packet

Cocozelle Zucchini (Organic Seed) 25-Count Packet
Cocozelle Zucchini (Organic Seed) 25-Count Packet
Cocozelle Zucchini produces a variety of summer squash commonly found in farmer’s markets and co-ops. Considered an heirloom variety, its beginnings can be traced back to around 1885. Its bands of dark and light green stripes with mottling make it very recognizable. Growing on bushy plants, mature squash are from 10-12-inches long, have a firm greenish-white flesh and a variety of uses. Use Cocozelle sliced fresh in salads, grilled, steamed, or baked into bread. This hearty, easy-to-grow squash will become a staple in your garden. Approximately 25 organic seeds per packet.
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Organic Cocozelle Zucchini Seed Growing Information

If starting squash seeds indoors allow 2 weeks of growth before transplanting. If sowing directly into garden, wait until soil temperature reaches 60 degrees. Sow 3 seeds 1 inch deep and thin to best seedling when 3 inches tall. Allow 4 – 8 days for seeds to germinate.

  • Seed Spacing: 12 - 15 inches
  • Row Spacing: 3 feet
  • Days to Harvest: 48 - 53
  • pH Level: 6.0 - 6.5

Our Organic Cocozelle Seed is not genetically modified in any way! Organic certification certificates available upon request.

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