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Cilantro-Santo Herb (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot

Cilantro-Santo Herb (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
Cilantro-Santo Herb (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
The 'Cilantro-Santo' Herb plant grows slowly, enabling you to keep up with the harvest even when other varieties have bolted to seed. If you allow the flowers to go to seed, you can harvest the Coriander, a very popular spice, used either whole or ground in oriental dishes and curries. As with any Cilantro, drying the leaves will substantially reduce their flavor, so they are best used fresh, right out of the garden. We grow our Cilantro Santo herb plants organically. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Days to Harvest: 50
Each 2.5-inch pot contains 1 plant
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Will Ship Spring of 2018
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Cilantro-Santo Herb Plant Care and Growing Information

  • Plant Spacing: 20-24 inches
  • Row Spacing: 24-30 inches
  • Sunlight required: Minimum 4 hours; midday sun is best.
  • Days to Harvest: 50
  • Annual

All our 'Cilantro-Santo' herb plants are grown and shipped in fine quality growing medium and are guaranteed to arrive alive and ready to thrive.

Product Reviews
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Cilantro-Santo Herb

"Cilantro-Santo Herb"

LINDA W on 6/29/2017 7:38:42 AM


Cilantro-Santo Herb Plant

"Cilantro-Santo Herb Plant"

Kelly McBride on 3/31/2016 3:50:42 PM

Comment: This was my first time ordering cilantro plants online so I did not know what to expect. A few of the plants I ordered came in a separate shipment about 1 week after the bulk of my order. The company contacted me first to notify me that the plants weren't quite ready. I appreciate that they didn't send them too soon and decrease their chance of survival. So far everything is doing very well! Will definitely be a repeat customer!

Spice Up My Life With Cilantro

"Spice Up My Life With Cilantro"

Chad V. on 10/20/2015 7:41:30 AM

Comment: Cilantro Santo plants came quickly and in good condition. I put them in the ground and they have really taken off. I expect them to do very well...thank you again for a fast, accurate and well done job Garden Harvest Supply! I will continue to do business with you because of the trust developed over the years.

Cilantro-Santo Herb Plant

"Cilantro-Santo Herb Plant"

Kathryn F. on 4/22/2015 2:58:51 PM

Comment: Wonderful!

Product Arrived In Great Shape

"Product Arrived In Great Shape"

Don B. on 4/22/2015 8:41:44 AM

Comment: I was very impressed with the packaging and instructions, especially since the Cilantro Santo Herb plant had been shipped across the USA to my home in California. As a first-time customer, I will be back for more!

Great Plant Cilantro-Santo

"Great Plant Cilantro-Santo"

James W N. on 6/14/2014 1:30:28 PM

Comment: Garden Harvest has the best packaging and quality of plants than any of the several plant suppliers i have used.

herb order

"herb order"

Debbie M on 3/27/2014 4:42:53 PM

Comment: Santo Cilantro plants arrived in good condition.



Janis R on 5/27/2013 12:51:07 AM

Comment: I'm so Happy that after a full month and my Cilantro-Santo herb plants 4 to 5 x their size, I am back to order again. My garden is 20 x 12 and 4 x 12. with about 16 varieties of each and my biggest and best all from Garden Harvest If you are considering online vegetables, look no further. Great shipping, impeccable arrivals all stunning!



JAMIE H on 7/2/2012 9:15:59 AM

Comment: Very hardy Cilantro Santo herb plants! Also flavorful!

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