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CareFree Enzymes Seed and Hull Digester, 32-oz Bottle

CareFree Enzymes Seed and Hull Digester, 32-oz Bottle
CareFree Enzymes Seed and Hull Digester, 32-oz Bottle
CareFree Enzymes Seed & Hull Digester is an all natural product specifically designed to meet the needs of avid birding enthusiasts, avian professionals and backyard bird watchers alike. The ground under feeders, bird houses and bird baths can become contaminated from bird droppings, parasites, organic contaminants and the highly toxic e-coli bacteria that is a by-product of molded birdseed.  Care Free Enzymes™ Seed & Hull Digester is a simple, economical and safe solution to a common source of avian illness. This is a 32oz bottle.
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Simply spray a 12-foot radius around and under your bird habitats every two weeks.  The handy applicator attaches to your garden hose, requires no mixing and makes application uncomplicated and quick.

The enzymes in Care Free Enzymes™ Seed & Hull Digester are a naturally occurring amino acid.  Amino acids are an organic protein and are present in every living thing.  These enzymes are small bio-chemical digesters which cause a reaction in the various contaminants and that result in their being absorbed into the ground rapidly, rendering them safe for your children and pets, creating an environment where your birds can scavenge, bathe, and nest safely.  This all happens effortlessly and safely with a simple 30-second squeeze of the trigger on the Seed & Hull Digester.

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Seed and Hull remover

"Seed and Hull remover"

Karen H on 2/22/2013 11:45:35 AM

Comment: While its too cold to actually use what I bought, I have to say that my shopping experience was fantastic. I got on-line help with my selection, and when I was paying got an immediate discount, and then the best of all wasmy order came the next day. I know I must live near by but still, that's customer service at its best!!!!!!!!