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Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot

Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium (Live Plant) 2.5-Inch Pot
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The Blizzard® Blue Ivy Geranium plant is a prolific bloomer, producing masses of deep lavender blossoms over mounds of leaves that are amazingly smaller in size. The single flowers grow in clusters, are self-cleaning and will liberally cover the plant all season long. The combination of its mounding and trailing habit makes this the ideal "blue" ivy geranium for your hanging baskets, window boxes or tall standing containers.
12" H x 14" W, Annual, Sun
Each 2.5-inch pot contains 1 plant
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Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium Plant Care and Growing Information

Ivy Geraniums have a lovely, free-flowering nature and trailing habit that makes them ideal for window boxes, deck boxes, hanging planters and stand-type planters. Sometimes called hanging geraniums, they offer very pretty ivy-like leaves and a well-rounded shape. They thrive in well-drained soil and put on their best display when feed a well-balanced liquid fertilizer. If you live where summer temperatures are regularly above 90°F, you'll to provide some afternoon shade.

  • Mature Height: 12-14 inches
  • Mature Spread: 14-20 inches
  • Exposure: Full Sun - Part Sun (southern gardeners should provide some afternoon shade)
  • Flowering Time: Late Spring - Mid Summer
  • Soil Moisture: Moderate - Dry
  • Soil Type: Well Drained
  • Annual, Except in Zones 9-11 where it is a Perennial.
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All of our 'Blizzard Blue' Ivy Geranium Plants are grown and shipped in fine quality growing medium and are guaranteed to arrive alive and ready to plant.

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 Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium

" Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium"

Lee H on 5/5/2017 9:24:30 AM

Comment: Plants arrived well packaged and in great shape.They kept me informed through out the whole process. Will definitely order from them again..  awesome

Amazing Plant

"Amazing Plant"

Marsha S. on 4/8/2016 8:35:40 PM

Comment: When I told my husband I had ordered an ivy geranium by internet to be delivered, he shook his head. He just knew that they would be wilted and I would "learn a lesson" about plants. WELL, when they arrived and I opened it up I was first amazed at the packaging. They are packed in a way that the roots and plant can not be disturbed. I took them out and oh my goodness, the roots were still damp and the plants were green and very healthy. It exceeded all my expectations. I will definitely be buyin... More details

Plant in bud!

"Plant in bud!"

Richard S. on 3/25/2016 9:06:19 AM

Comment: Excellent Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium plant actually arrived with the first 2 buds open! Beautiful color!

My favorite

"My favorite"

Mine B on 9/8/2013 3:41:45 AM

Comment: geraniums are my favorite flower and these are the most wonderful of all. Geranium plants in pots were carefully shipped and arrived healthy.

Geranium Plants-happy customer

"Geranium Plants-happy customer"

mark anthony g on 5/24/2013 6:36:38 AM

Comment: Great company, excellent customer service, fast shipping, healthy beautiful Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium plants at a great price

Healthy Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium Plant

"Healthy Blizzard Blue Ivy Geranium Plant"

Linda M Y on 5/16/2013 8:14:36 PM

Comment: This is a new geranium for me to try this year....very healthy plant.

Blizzard Blue

"Blizzard Blue"

Dorothy M on 5/5/2013 6:52:16 PM

Comment: These Ivy Geranium plants are doing well.

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