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Benary’s Giant Mix Zinnia Seeds

Benary’s Giant Mix Zinnia Seeds
Benary’s Giant Mix Zinnia Seeds
Our ‘Benary’s Giant Mix’ Zinnia seed is the choice to make if you are having a hard time deciding just which Benary’s Giant Series colors to choose, or if you just want stupendous color, gigantic, showy blossoms, strong, upright stems and cutting flowers that will last in your vases. Oh! And gobs of colorful, lively butterflies to grace your collection of multicolored, vividly-hued, vibrant flowers. We cannot guarantee the exact mixture of colors, but we can guarantee absolutely stunning beauty! Approximately 30 seeds per each hand-filled packet.
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Benary’s Giant Mix Zinnia Seeds

  • Mature Height: 30-50 inches
  • Mature Spread: 12-16 inches
  • Exposure: Full Sun - Mostly Sunny
  • Bloom Time: Early Summer - First Frost
  • Soil Moisture: Average, Well Drained
  • Soil Type: Widely Adaptable, But Prefers Rich
  • Annual in Zones: 1-8
  • Perennial in Zones: 9-11
  • What is my zone?

Zinnia seeds are often recommended for beginners, this undemanding annual germinating relatively easily when sown directly into the garden or when started in individual peat or growing pots. Sowing indoors will, of course, result in earlier blossoms, and may be your best option if you live where the growing season is short. The soil temperature, when germinating indoors or out, should be consistently between 70 and 80°F. Zinnias need some light in order to germinate, so only cover them lightly, with 1/4-inch light garden soil or vermiculite, and then water gently but thoroughly, being careful not to dislodge the seeds, especially during subsequent watering. Once they’ve sprouted, normally in 5 to 10 days, you will want to thin as recommended to the strongest plants. Give them their first feeding when they are 4 to 5-inches tall, at about 1/4 the recommended strength, increasing to full strength over the season on a monthly basis. Deadhead often, keeping your vases filled, but more importantly, ensuring more and more blossoms. Your zinnias will grow best when getting about an inch of water per week, just like your lawn.

We also carry a variety of Zinnia Plants in individual 3” pots.

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